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Alive the downstairs I studios pallet town fair tire nobody beats town fair tire nobody both rose on a World Series couple minutes well do NBA preview will also Joe Girardi who is the head of the mess they have the Phillies sounds more like the Phillies in a mess right now so we'll see we can get a draw you today animals get some World Series thoughts out of them all right let's see where we go on a bond in Milford Connecticut was about yeah you know you're talking about the giants in I'm a giants fan like to watch the game last night both coaches in town I think think right but I think other thirty two coaches it may be a dozen but know what you're doing there's like they used to be a cop third middle third bottom third now with a top ten in the bottom twenty two it is really a hard into an ugly ugly leak I mean listen there's a handful of proving guys who we all know you know that the lord wanted check like the and the reason the Pete Carroll's and guys like that I mean so you know they yeah and then and then it then after that you got a bunch of guys get rotated through that said they they don't last very long and and and Bella check also these agents I think get involved and disrupted team because their client is such a great player it describes the entire organization imagine if this company maddening to make listen they have something that they have built and they've left and it has in the ward they've been able to feed it because they've never had to change the quarterback the question will be what happens when he goes you've had the you have a very bright organization that is does it the right way and runs a lot of players interchangeable very few saws behind the quarterback you know you had grown Caskey Adelman is a sauna they don't have a lot of stores the I mean they do have a couple players list they have a couple players is in the defensive backfield or the top of the game when they have you have great defensive backs well and probably the best of us back in the league right now so I mean they're very very good very good and they have a bond interchangeable one million six she uses a lot and he understands a couple things that our premium to him that are very much things that he believes number one all of the players have to tackle on the fence that's it's a Parcells rule that's a rule that his father's bows to that's a rule that Paul cells always preached and that's when the bell Jack believes also all of the players have to tackle any also believe big is better on the fence with how they play a five a player that position rather review big and small this is the way they they they believe in things and they have the guy who makes a goal with the office Jose in Connecticut was of those it Hey I'll go like I was a jets fan wondering if this is where young quarterbacks come together mentally screwed up in their head and I would say it has always thought you were going to be a better quarterback but I personally think the jets had something to do with his legs are just hold like use that other one in the Superbowl this guy's going to hear the ghost thing for the rest of this story is gonna come it is got all the common I mean listen is that it you know if you got to get past that it just got to play better and that's all there is to it you know it's not easy of being a quarterback in this league in the league is not an easy job it's a job a great awards but it's also a tough job the question of the law put on the quarterbacks and you know there's a bright side to be the quarterback when everything's click and then there's the bad side to be on the court so this was a really nasty night yeah I came back and had a child that night and everyone was in love with him last week came back they wall and they beat the cowboys he threw for three months yaws he had big plans plays and everyone was in love with them and now you know everyone's wondering you know whether he's possessed there's less light James amass it was of James Hey Mike yeah first off I was at the game last night had the opportunity to meet Nick Mangold and we all know what a warrior he was on the field but total class act which is nice it's a nice man secondhand the jets I think it's clear over fifty five games at this point that case is just not head coaching material based on the results I saw was that last night was a fifty five fifty three games career he's got twenty four double digit losses we've been equally likely to lose by double digits as just win a single game and I know a coaching change is always the last resort in football but I am very scared right now that he's gonna ruin Donald's career out right last night was obviously a stunning regressions I have two questions for you one do you still like Acer non and to it even viable to get case out of the building this week Greg Lois Lois of first question do you still like it or not are they now I was never a higher low on gays I really don't have an opinion on to be honest with the the I don't think he's the worst I've seen I thought he was okay in Miami I I never like their quarterback I thought he had a coast okay in close games actually a very good record in close games so I didn't think he was atrocious I didn't think he was wonderful at the less money a terrible night absolutely terrible night as well nothing last night that even room resembled an adjustment at against Belgic you must adjust mean he's in there and he's changing things all the time and he's run and stuff all forties run an early in the game and he set me up for more things and you just got it would just you can't sit there and just not do anything unless I they said they're not through and into anything I just than ever just as in any way so I have been you know seen enough of him to tell you that he is god awful but I've seen nothing that's positive that's for sure this year so and what was the second question god and from your source and what you know in the building is it even by a room I have got him out of I have more resources into the building I have no I have no sources of the building so I don't know anything about what's going on I have no one in the building I talked to so as a detail that right now so I don't know anything is going on there nothing that wasn't always the case it is the case now I the on that long sources in the building I don't know the general manager the owner doesn't talk to me so I don't know anybody in the building so I have no sources of bill sunny in Melbourne was of sunny Mike I love that show in the morning good morning football would you body P. is Strega place I mean he was making over the top statements about new England's defense being the best of all time yeah he's the son that he might listen it's a really good defense it does not the one thing it does not have it does not have that overly great mega pass rusher who has to be stopped they don't have that they they are a great secondary they are a wonderful secondary and they change the alignment but they don't have a great dominant down player right they don't have plays like the eighty five bears of the seventy six deal is a two thousand Baltimore Ravens even eighty six Charlie Jeez absurd and I think what makes they will also remember this this is this just running I think that was a different world than than that then you know one they got take into account right now okay to be fair before you get too giddy about the defense for the for the pass this year before you get too crazy about it and I think it's played very very well okay well before you get nuts as you saying Schrager did take this into account all right here we go week one they played the Steelers and did a very good job okay that's fair the Steelers didn't you know had had a bad pre season and they were hurting a little bit but it was it was fair we to right he they play week too they played the dolphins okay who are absolutely a complete mess week three they played the yes so they play the jets twice and if you look they haven't played against other than week one when they played against Roethlisberger they have not played against even a decent quarterback yet they played against the bills who we got offensively they played against the red skins they played against the jets twice and they played against the giants with a rookie quarterback so they have played against a terrible team the jets with no quarterback the bills were bad offense the red skins with no players and the giants with the rookie quarterback and the jets again so they haven't played even what you would call a decent team yet other than the Steelers in week one so let's let them play some of the other teams in the league that play offense before we make this decision about them okay let's let them this is the way you know this week they play the Browns let's see how they do against the Browns offense and then the weekend so that I think they play the eagles no they don't play the eagles they play the ravens okay and then the week after that they play V. during the week as as their body then we get to that they play the eagles so let him play those teams the Browns the eagles are the ravens and we're gonna get a better idea about there and then they play the cowboys the week after that really play the Texans the week after that so one play those teams and let's see if they shot those teams that they'll get a better idea about that the Sam played a good team on offense except the Steelers who was still coming out of training camp in hurting and everything else will look in a run for New Jersey was of world thanks for taking my call yeah good job with the peach challenger Portnoy life listening became my son with prophetic about being captain obvious here I wanna take Donald and I want to take a case out of the questionnaire so talk with your doctor general manager since two thousand fourteen your sources in the league through your connections in the week this is a guy that as a G. as just means if you give this guy I'm looking at three years here he could to address the problems I I don't I don't know him at all what I will tell you is that all I know who work with them say he's very good they say he's a very solid personnel guy he has a good reputation now he has been enormously hands off on this team so far which is surprise me I mean he has really sat back with this team maybe by.

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