Tom Duffield, Director, TIM discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio


I'm robert short i was the makeup effects supervisor designer for beetlejuice i'm tom duffield i was the art director on beetlejuice i was given the script i read it and i was amazed at the amount of creative elements that were in the script and of course the scale of some of the things such as the sand worms when i first read the script i'm fat i've never anything like this before this wildest movie i've ever read what is this about i don't this is crazy i was brought in on on meeting that completely turned the entire project on its ear for me all of a sudden the sand worm that i had pictured as the horrible big brown things we're suddenly black and white stripes with big blue lips and big yellow eyes and ahead within a head and at that point all of a sudden realised oh this is unlike anything that i would have expected ville nervous because i never done anything i've never seen anything like this so it was like it was really a first time effort here and the fact that tim was going to be overlaying this kind of style in this kind of look onto a story like this really felt it was going to be a unique experience one of the things that sets beetlejuice apart from a lot of films even of that era is that we decided early on that we try and do everything or as much as we could in camera by doing things live on set like a magician's tricks light of hand for some reason that plays emotionally better with people it also gives the the film a very handcrafted feeling and look.

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