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Yeah he looked great I've always thought you could you can over coach kickers you know I mean honestly is specially ponders I mean even feel brokers to those guys I mean you you want to try to when you watch him on film if if the plant foot is offer or their drop I get all of that but for the most part you can either kick were you can't kick it's to me it's a little bit like a golf swing you can Tinker with a little bit you can Tinker with your you know on the swing your hands your take away your your set up all those things but sooner or later it's got to be what's natural to that goal for and I think it's to me it's the same thing for kickers so they play what eight games I how many great ten games ten ten gave schedule ten games get the eighteens eight teams are are eight there are eight teams we don't have one of them got some pretty good coaches younger so Jerry Glanville from kind of lentils got to be close to eighty Kevin Gilbride yeah what was Glanville who was he coaching you know what I don't you wonder might have been I don't even I don't even know the team but he sure were team is code like the uniforms yeah I I thought I thought it was great yeah what I saw him watch as much as you they're decent to decent crowds but I I just like the transparency of the broadcast I think the XFL and Oliver luck Xander looks dead all all we played in the league as a backup quarterback with your letters back when I played he is the what is it the commissioner of the president whatever so you he's got they've got some football people involved in the league sorry he more got an interception I think so I didn't see that game I thought I thought I thought I heard somebody say Ricky Moore yeah yeah got a pick yep so it to me it gives guys opportunity to continue their career I don't know for he moral ever get a chance to jump back into the NFL lot of those guys that's what they want to give me the majority those guys are hoping that they can continue their career that I'm say I say if it's entertaining is done the right way and it's in the spring and it doesn't it doesn't really compete against the NFL you know I I think that the that league and you've got to think that make man has Mr man has huge pockets I think that league may have some some staying power will see Cardale Jones yep played quarterback I watched part of the game and it looks like there's a lot of eyes on the two there the ratings were really impressive they were see I didn't say that could start yeah that's what it says they don't give a number they just said they are they the ratings were impressive yeah it just looked like it was a pretty good brand of football I mean it just just looking at it again I watch bits and pieces of three different games it was a it was pretty good football out there so great say that three point three million viewers are compared to the A. F. first game two point nine sort out drew the A. F. which got off to a good start as well what what are the Oscars have last night William great doing no question I'd like to know like I said that that show got off to a really good start then got real boring like normal and I don't know why they wouldn't have Steve Martin Chris rock hosts the whole show they were great together very both of them funny like a little bit irreverent the Chris rock thanks Steve Martin said how come we're not host of the show and and Chris rock said Twitter he said he goes you go back to look at me at my Twitter he goes I got I got a few problems if it is already said they said that I don't know if the ratings camp at last year's Oscars had twenty nine point six people watch it really that's to me that's a big number on hand then it goes on forever twenty nine point six million shocked to hear that word for twenty or twenty nine rating twenty nine point six million the shocking to make me to wow that's a big that's that's last year so I would I would think anybody's one so yeah I mean the year before was twenty six point five so it just keeps going up every year I feel like it's going out because there's no host maybe that's why percent yeah it's been a couple years as they had a host of my right yeah that was the last post well remember they're gonna have have Kevin Hart and then the his big gag came back something he Twitter jokes and is passed I don't remember years ago to watching a camel Jimmy Kimmel may have been the last for her he was in two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen there you go so he was last reunion right by twenty fives are times three oh three seven one three eight five eight five is the number good.

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