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Richard Serra and tonight this morning we're coming to you live from my little studio beneath the stairs in old thorn hill just north of Toronto so this is something like I think week six of the lock down here in Canada the lady that maybe every day he and I are taking long walks three to five miles a day exploring every nook and cranny of our little village side streets never before seen newly discovered nature trails there's certainly been this is certainly been one of the silver linings of this pandemic among the many many downsides of the lockdown we had the unfortunate occasion to attend our first and let's hope our last zoom funeral the mother the mother of the mighty Aphrodite his childhood friend died sadly alone in hospital Hey cancer that's one of the most heart wrenching aspects of this pandemic people dying in hospitals and nursing homes without their families and friends so it was immediate family at a very quick graveside service in a Jewish cemetery the four or five in attendance all wearing masks and gloves even the rabbi in a mask while the rest of the mourners sat at home and watched on their laptops and iPads and we all agreed she the deceased deserved so much better the family deserved so much better the mourners deserves so much better so let's all pray that zoom funerals and soon birthdays and zoom baptisms go down in history as a brief but surreal artifact of the pandemic of twenty twenty I get this in the sense people here in old fort hill and elsewhere are getting very impatient I'm seeing small signs of defiance I drove through what I guess you could call the main drag of all Thornhill this afternoon that takes about twenty seconds and it was an older gentleman sitting on a bench that had been clearly marked with a large sign taped to the bench closed due to covert nineteen he was sitting on that bench stretched out with his arms crossed to finally across his chest and a huge smile across his face now I admit not exactly the shot heard round the world in the Lexington green back in seventeen seventy five but this is Canada we're all about peace order and good government were not the most rebellious people but we have our limits as any truly free people must and that's about all I'm gonna mention regarding the lockdown the pandemic again tonight and as last Saturday night I come offering a respite instead a diversion although I hope you'll agree far more than a slight confection after this pandemic burns out in this too will pass and we pause momentarily from looking up into the heavens and asking god why many of us will continue to gaze skywards for an entirely different reason the UFO ET phenomenon may have been pushed to the back burner for some during the covert nineteen pandemic but not for those who toil tirelessly and diligently researching investigating organizing and advocating for disclosure one such individual joins me in the first half of tonight's transmission Michael W. hall also known as the paranormal lawyer he learned his he's of lent his legal mind to a number of UFO related causes and organizations including MoveOn and the national UFO reporting center hall was also involved in the vetting and the release of what has become known as the most important UFO document leak of the century he's also founder of the UFO I team a group of abductees contactees and experience service who meet weekly at the local Denny's in Lynnwood Washington it's also live streamed on Facebook it's been described by the local newspaper out there as a flying saucers anonymous he joins me in ours wanted to coming up in the second half of coast to coast AM what would happen if the talented folks that say national public radio war the producers of this American life wouldn't tackle paranormal subject matter I think it would sound an awful like lot like you format a podcast about culture the esoteric in the enchanted every week host Jim Perry sets out in search of the other side the thing under your bed that signal of unknown origin and the true stories behind the strange phenomena that are outside the sphere of popular consciousness Jim will drop by in the second half to share how a trip to a UFO raise ranch changed his life the tiny interviewed a haunted historic object and got replies via E. V. P. a controversial spirit divination technique at the Astoria Stanley hotel the inspiration for Stephen king's novel the shining and the tiny communicated with the Sasquatch via a secret code and last but not least his dinner with a real vampire so let's forget about cold for the next four hours ago paranormal showing Imani weary traveler hang your clothes gonna pay grab a stool and come gather round the fire there are stories to be told and you are among friends I'm Richard Serra and this is coast to coast AM Wednesday while.

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