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Well a couple of really really. Big ones have occurred You know to a little over two years ago. A property Went on the market in larimer county. This is a long. The upper layer laremy river valley in northern colorado The diamond tail ranch This is a Almost eighteen thousand acre ranch and it went on the market two years ago for Forty four point nine million dollars it has just sold for Not quite that but forty two point five million dollars. This is a pretty pretty amazing property. This is a working ranch. They have About twelve residences. They have seven hundred fifty buffalo or bison they also have A lot of cabins that can be rented they have heard of cattle they have About three hundred fifty head as of The the the listing As well as a potential another four hundred fifty heads so this is working ranch Pretty incredible property has been purchased a company out of Chippewa falls wisconsin Bought this property and so really really significant deal One of the larger ranch sales that we have seen recently and then Also the university of denver Earlier in october Bought a larimer county girl scout camp That was about seven hundred and twenty four acres. It's the magic sky ranch and they paid eleven point. Two five million for this Bought it from the girl. Scouts of colorado and this will be for a mountain campus for the university of denver so very interesting Occurrence that has taken place In larimer county so I think the you is planning to do an archaeological survey to see what is there. They're going to Eventually they plan to start an outward bound type program Focusing on team building and leadership exercises for for their students so Pretty interesting for a by the university of denver into northern colorado. Yeah it is Whenever you see big sales like this go out on the market. Manny he just. You can't help but dream. You know what i forty two and a half million dollars is that what is something that i'd go by. But some of those mountain mountain properties are just so i mean so valuable Right now absolutely. And you know we talked about the investment market Down here in larimer well counties and elsewhere in boulder along the front range a very hot investment market where everything from industrial office buildings to retail to apartments etc extremely hot market right now and and now we see that Extending with these couple of big deals up in the mountains mountains. And i think we will likely see more as long as Interest rates are are where they're at Real estate is very attractive. Investment right now and. I think we'll be seeing here for for a while. All right chris. What are you working on right now. Well as i mentioned. I i actually have another tough assignment this afternoon. We have a northern. Colorado brewers roundtable so Getting ready to Getting ready for that and You know hopefully there will be some samples there that there as well chris. Hey i appreciate your time as always my friend. Thanks for joining us. All right thank you. Thanks. that is chris. Would editor publisher with biz. West magazine appreciate his forty two point five million dollars forty two and a half million dollars for that property up there..

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