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Remove your finger, please. Oh, my gosh. You still like my wife? Thank you. What is it with that part of the body op? It Okay. What makes me feel good. We can't say something real quick Lord, It feels good when people do that to me. Let me try it one more time. What will not please your priest. Okay, We're go ahead to your story. Prudie MK prude, Herson. I? It makes me feel good to give and I'm a giver. You know you to know that. Yeah. Yeah. Give give. Give You know yourself. That doesn't hurt my feelings. That doesn't hurt, but you don't have I knew what it was like You do a sit up. It would feel like I just did 50. Thanks. So, what we're gonna do is all part of our B roofing and remodeling. We're going to try to give away a roof all season long and what we're gonna do is get somebody online after they sign up at the website, and then they're going to get to be able to predict the final score. We've done this before, and we've given away a lot of stuff with this because the final scores of you follow Vegas. They get pretty close to the scores. So we're going to bring in our new contestant here and and Scotty from, Of course, are the roofing and remodeling. Let's bring in. Tony Ryan. Tony. How you doing, brother? Stay where.

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