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His voice. You don't miss anything. And I just wanna say thank you for the privilege to say that mardi. You're the best thing. I really am thankful for being able to you know, like share the broadcast so to speak as a listener Jean. Thank you. For your words, mardi takes them to heart. We're going to go back to the great American ballpark and Marty Brennaman and the next minute or two is going to face the media of five nine twelve nineteen seven hundred wwl w and also the Enquirer and others to talk about this. And we think it's appropriate to to lead others interview. Marty Brennaman to see exactly what his thoughts on his retirement. So let's continue with Marty from the great American ballpark. Like to welcome you to great American ballpark. I know that all of you that are here heard the announcement that was made earlier today, and with that it is my pleasure to introduce the hall of Famer the voice of the reds. Mr Marty Brennaman. Thank you very much. Joe? I'm glad I could talk George Voelkel and George said he woke up didn't have anything to do all day. There was no story breaking. But I did I did think you guys this morning because I know it came out of the blue, and I hate you gotta drag yourself down here in this kind of weather to do something with me because you get tired enough here with the crap I have to deal out from February through September. Whatever the case might be anybody got any questions. I'd be happy to answer them. Yeah. Georgia. Marty. When did you come to this decision, and how much I was talking to Jeff Brantley how much did your conversations with VIN Scully have to do with you thinking? This was the right time. Well, I don't think that this conversation I had with then what is three years ago. Whatever it was. But I I it's the type of thing that. I think it subconsciously begins in your mind that one day, you know, you're you're part of your career is behind you. And and I was really interested in hearing what he had to say about you know, what what his plans were. And and I mean, I I was stunned when he he made the decision they did because I truly think that. He was the best. I mean, any any guy in my profession that will not concede VIN. Scully was the greatest baseball broadcasts. You who ever lived one is delusional or two he has such an ego that he can't admit that somebody's better than he is. And so I was interested in what he had to say. And he's been gracious with me, I nobody has a greater level of respect. And that I do about what he was able to accomplish in his career. So I was interested in what he had to say. And he was concerned. As I said earlier today, you can talk to people until you're blue in the face about retiring guys that have done that. But you have to walk that walk whatever, they tell you. They can't that's not advice because I'm a B is different from you is night is today. It you. I may decide after three months I made the biggest mistake in my life. There are other people will walk away. I always think about Johnny bench. He got tired of getting beat every day because I was a bad club. He was associated with after being a part of one of the great teams in history of baseball. And he woke up one day. I really believe in God. So I'm tired of losing all the time. He walked away and never missed a beat. I mean, he never looked back. And that's that's exactly the way. I would hope that my decision. Will be for me. Marty you talked about you've always had a special connection with the fans. When did you realize how special that connection was and how much of that carry you throughout the years? I'll tell you what the first year I was here in I replaced a guy who will go now is one of the top ten sports announcers of all time and L Michaels. And I. It was incredible to me because there were very few public criticisms of my work early. I was shocked, but I was with a good team. I was broadcasting a good team in seventy four unlike L came in and seventy one and the team didn't play. Well, and I think the fans took their frustrations out on him. This is what I was told. Well, the season rolls along and. The play tonight double they played a twilight double header against the San Francisco Giants at riverfront. The weekend after the all star break. And in the first game red went to the bottom of the knights trailing thirteen to nine and they rallied in the bottom of the night. And with two out. Peres? I forget who was on first base but bench hit a ground ball to. First baseman, Dave Kingman, and it was a routine ground ball owes a debt out, and he it and Randy Moffett was pitching for the giants. And he never left them out. And so that extended the night and the ridge were two runs down and Tony Perez three run home run to straight away centerfield to win the game fourteen to thirteen in lost my mind, and I was told later that people were calling and asking to hear the replay the game winning home run all night long on our flagship station, wwl w radio. And I think at that point. I I realized that that you know, what maybe maybe they liked my work.

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