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Roger moore did to. He came much harder. Version of a bond. And that's what he bought the living daylights and latterly a license to kill bazant. Absolutely the hanging tune gladys knight of gladys knight in the pips About the pips on this occasion she She gave a rob a lovely soulful rendition. But she actually. She was a pacifist and she did not like the fact that she was talking about having a license to kill and she said it regretted it and she said she was paying an actress. Part and putting on a putting on a face to record this chair and a is a is a is a lovely little soulful track. As i say god does not really didn't want to record it and was talked into it. Licensed to kill was very violent. It was that right at fifteen but the bomb film to be rated fifteen Really do two things. Firstly bombs all cohort felix lighter. He was wonderfully paid by By david henderson who had played felix lighter bonds body in live and let die with roger. Moore who is good friends with he. He came back to pay felix lighter in licensed to kill and ended up having his leg. Better off by shock basically or more by a shark so that was one reason. It was a fifteen and the second reason to have a sense of sort drug theme running for it with the heroin smuggling with sanchez. Robert davi played a brilliant villain. I it was an edgy uncomfortable. Type of all movie but it was. It was a great a great Late eighties bomb. Movie i mean it was blown out of the water with somebody hits of the day. Indiana jones loss. Crusade ozzy starring Former bone connery in playing Playing indiana jones dad so it was blown out of the water in one thousand nine hundred nine with all ever movies and many people at that point. Four bond was bombers passed it. And may i said it was violent it evolves somebody blowing up an compression chamber. It had the uncomfortable nature drugs about it but if you watch it now that movie has not dated too far and it is a good Pretty violent type of caper. One that You should if if you might daniel craig movies. This set of hodge dalton bomb the second bombed Really really came out to play the partner in a superb way. Second time around and that time people voted return. But that indeed was was dalton's lost james bond effort so timothy dalton had originally set to sign up to three james bond movies and the third would have paid ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety two ninety three but they post strachey went out for the new timothy dalton movie at that time but which i thought was going to occur at the one thousand nine hundred cannes film festival at that time albert broccoli the producer party company richard mabel also director john glenn so he's looking for directors and the production for the movie. The new movie that never occurred was going to start in one thousand nine hundred hong kong for release in one thousand nine hundred ninety one it would have featured a terrorist attack on british nuclear facility in scotland threatening to cause world war three so it was the essence of bombers traveling to east asia to investigate corrupt businessman's henry lee and also joe fish chang. Connie web and also bond was fighting with his former mental debt. Hong crisp it would also be featured The chinese ministry state security as part of that and there was a scene of a cyber attack on scotland and bond failing in the mission in libya and this was the essence of the script. And i mean dolton declared. I think in two thousand ten. They're even token to directors ready to go but in nineteen ninety. Mgm was sold for one point five billion to clinics and australian american finance services. The started making television programs. Kleenex couldn't provide fifty million letter of credit. So the deal fell apart and the french company called papa. Entertainment quickly moved into by mgm for one point. Two billion emerged companies create md empathy. Communications party peretti intended to sell off the distribution rights to the studios catalogs who could collect advance payments to finance buyout. And this including the broadcasting rights to w seven they didn't danjaq. You've made the bomb films. Many many years to sue at this was the this is what caused. This is why the chinese themed world war three nuclear facility. Terrorist attack never happened. The movie never happened with dalton and this went home for about two or three years and at that point delta state delay. The film ended his contract in one thousand nine hundred so peers. Brodmann took took the pace so his brosnan was basically all chocolate box. Bond as i said earlier in the podcast he had been considered as early as for your eyes. Only octopussy living daylights. He was tied up with remington steele but he was finally available to play bond. And i think in many people's minds. I mean you look. People have an image of jesus christ middle eastern long bid for many people in in the minds. I when they think of bond they think that pierce brosnan has a looks of bombed. If you imagine that's what he looks like biz brosnan many minds this sort of jesus christ it bonds now. There's a controversial comment. I don't think he's the best bond but he certainly looks like james bond. He's a chocolate box. on these. The milk tray man. Bond as i said yesterday podcast and my mother mother doors him golden. I was a movie from bungee jumping off the top of the world's largest dam at the beginning to chase in a train. I mean you had shown being who'd been considered as bombed as well. I mean i know. There was many people who auditioned to be bombed at the time. I mean they always had browsing mind. Granted auditioned to be bombed and imagine money who had been on absolute how to say. The words miss moneypenny. A very terrible goose. You know just just seeing me boy. You girl standing in front of you saying that i love you. Yeah he crop would work does bond but He was considered but pierce brosnan. The chocolate box got apart in a rip roaring nineteen ninety-five movie. It was fantastic yet. A women who crushed victims with her thighs on atop coming out. With one of the classiest names you had to holy good head pussy galore but on atop the russian agent with a thermos in the whole world. She was here. Archetypal fem matale bomb villain. Tastic bond villain. And then a sean bean. It was marvelous as deranged. W six an agent. That had gone wrong. That later appeared in.

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