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Um, in a lot of ways, he was really our first, um You know, mass Media political star on DH. It was this debate and those technological that technological revolution that allowed for I'm talking to Ben Judge who is the creator and executive producer of a Docuseries called Right Makes Might the Lincoln Douglas debates. Let me ask you about that technology point. Is it possible that because Telegraph wasn't actually bringing their voice but was only bringing their words that at that point, the advantage of being well spoken or good looking is erased by the fact that the people who read the words are reading the words only. They're not hearing the way you say them in much the same way that some of us get goofed up because you send somebody a text message where you mean one thing, But if they're just reading the words and they're not hearing the way you said them, it could be read an entirely different way. Lincoln benefited from that. He did he did. He did very much. He also benefited from the fact that he was taking on the most prominent politician. I mean, you think about it this way. This is the equivalent of in a Senate election in this year, eh? Counts. A member of the house back in 2014, who gets voted out in 2016 comes back now and runs against someone that's effectively the position linking within everyone who showed up and read these debates. Really was there to see Stephen Douglas. Um, you know, you talk about different you know how much people appreciated the words. They also appreciated if they wanted to see these men Go at it. Ah, lot of these debates of the seven debates that the two had a good number of them had over 10,000 people them. Wow, the smallest debate. Had only 1500. People always say, Well, that's not a big number compared to the others. Yes, but then you realize that that town and have a debate it was 1500 people showed up. That count only had 800 people in it in terms of its total population, So some people travel along. How how does this resonate today Been so we've had Nothing. It was fine when we started talking about making this said, Well, you know, we don't couple things we didn't know about this summer. We didn't know about Kogan. We knew there was going to be an election We knew based on everything that there might be A question in this election is a year ago, saying I bet we're gonna have a conversation about the character of America. Which is why you've got to see Ben Judges. New Docuseries called Right Makes Might the Lincoln Douglas debates. Imagine this a man out of Congress? A man unknown, a man standing on a platform next to somebody who's extraordinarily well known and a man who looked gawky and awkward and had a high pitched screeching voice. By all descriptions from the time and he manages through the force of ideas to win the day, Ben, Congratulations on the serious I'll look forward to seeing it myself. And I always appreciate your time landing inter calls on the Lars Lars and show it 866. Hey, Lars, that it's 8664395277 Naysayers. Go to the head of the line and send.

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