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Eddie murphy paul. Who is the author of the extended mind and we talked about this book in terms of what it can mean for our kids and now i wanna talk a little bit about ourselves as moms running kind of busy crazy households and one of the things that really struck me in this book. I have never heard the term interception before and tell us a little bit of that and how it plays in another thing. i'm obsessed with. It's instinct just listened to your guts. Mom and i'm like i don't think that's quite the right advice. Talk to us a bit about interception. Then we'll talk about whether or not mom should listen to their guts. Yeah so interception is a fancy scientific word that means the capacity sense your internal sensations so justice. We're taking in all this information from the outside world to our is in our ears than our noses to be also are receiving stream of information from inside our body and so you know gut feeling is a term that all of us have heard in that kind of captures what interests as what was interesting to me about the research is that i am kind of skeptical of like you know. Listen to your like. I tend to be actually a rather sort of yes cerebral person so but i was really interested by this research that suggests that as we're going to our daily lives were encountering so much information so many pattern so many regularities in our experience that we can't store those in our conscious minds. But we do store at non consciously and then the way we get access to that non conscious sort of treasure trove of experience. Our own experience is through these feelings. That is what is happening when you feel little twinjet nervousness or little surge of excitement your own store of experience telling you oh you counter situation like this four been here before. Yes and here's a guide to how to handle the situation and the more sensitive you are to those internal cues the better use. Usa can make them. I think my problem with the gut feeling is the other side of the equation that i tend to be extremely reactive to things and i found especially after having kids and i had some postpartum anxiety and other stuff going on around my gut. Instincts became so hyper sensitive. Was getting danger. Danger impending death messages all the time. And that i felt like people kind of being like go with your mom got. I was like okay. My mom tells me the world is ending all the time and earn horrible. Things are about to happen to my kids all the time and so. I was skeptical. When i started this section but really i love this idea. I talked to us about the interception journal..

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