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Chinese. Communist Party. That's their excuse. That's how they're spinning the fact that Donald Trump was asleep at the wheel asleep at the switch. And then lied about it. So the number one issue for New Mexicans according to research and pulling front page story in the Albuquerque Journal yesterday is covert. Quite a bit actually. 40% of New Mexicans, say Cove, It is the number one issue Followed by economic insecurity, which is, of course, an uncertainty which, of course, is resolve the Koven Followed by loss of jobs. Result, the cove it Followed by education back to Return to usual activities. Posed at the bottom. Because a cove it so everything People in New Mexico are concerned about. Flows from Cove. It Best way to address it is where amounts according to the polls. So this is how it breaks down. I'll give you a little bit of the tabs how it breaks down by age group. First of all. Of that 40%. No Mexicans and think that Cove it is the number one issue. In the age categories of 18 34 35 to 49 50 to 64 65 older. 65 older. Half of 65 older say That's the number one issue. I'll just under that 48%. 65 Older cove. It is the number one issue. Followed by the youngest group 18 to 34. 35% of the youngest group say it's the most important issue. No. Excuse me. I screwed that up. It's 65 older, followed by 35 to 49 followed by 18 to 35 33% 1 3rd of those 50 to 64. Says the most important issue So see older, New Mexican Almost half say is the biggest issue. As you might expect. Democrats are More likely to say that Cove it is the number one issue 49% of Democrats. 30% of Republicans. 31% of independents. A covert is the number one issue Health safety code. It comes to the economic uncertainty. Because of Cove Inn. Republicans are the most likely to say, Well, that's that's the number one issue. Which makes no sense to me because it's Because of Kovar. 25 only one in four Republicans. 25% 1 in five Democrats won in five independence. Lots of jobs and employment follows that followed by education, getting back to schools and then returning to usual activity. Single digits. People say that's her number one issue getting back to doing what you're doing before. Jovan. Also front page polling. How would you rate the governor? Do you approve or disapprove of the job that the governor's doing? 59% of those polled. Approve of the job she's doing. Not Steve Peers, not New Mexico Republican Party. They hater. They hate everything about her. Say now has nothing to do with personnel that you hate her. Stop it. You hate everything she stands for. And yet new Mexicans like her. 60% of the Mexicans. Approve of the job she's doing. 33% No, they don't like her and 8% have mixed feelings. About the job that the governor's doing. So if you look at the tabs there is, you know, pretty predictable two thirds Of those surveyed in Albuquerque Love the gut of the job that the governor's doing two thirds 67%. Northwest and when county Is still split 43 44 even up in San Juan County. 43% like the job you're doing 40% 44% now. Now North Central, which is us Has been eulogy, Mama. Maura. Las Vegas North Central 70% in north central, like the job that she's doing Southwest, which is over city, essentially large. Berg Rodeo, Baird 67% Southwest East side, as expected, very conservative Eastside Still 32% almost a third. Like the job she's doing. 63% do not Ah political parties. 86% of Democrats like the job she's doing. 7% of Republicans. Like the job she's doing. Let me know I got their own 23% of Republicans like the job she's doing. 7% of Democrats. Don't 23% of Republicans like the job you're doing 68% say no independence. This could give Republican Party New Mexico some heartburn. Of the independent 55% Like the job, the governor Michelle Luhan, Grisham is doing You got high approval ratings, as does Tim Keller, the mayor of Albuquerque. Same killer has 60% approval ratings. In Albuquerque. Take a break in 45 minutes after one o'clock. Anything on your mind you want talk about on a Monday afternoon Feel free 505424 12 60..

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