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Please visit them today. And consider subscribing using our affiliate linked like going to crusade channel dot com forward slash epoch crusade channel news news. You can trust because the truth can be trusted from the crusade channel news desk. Here's ron stafford. Your gordon crusaders. Welcome to monday. September twenty seventh. Twenty twenty one. I'm ron stafford reporting from the crusade channel news desk it's deford studios in beautiful st michaels maryland. This report is brought to you by our friends at bill donkey for the best deal in the usa on a new or used kia shepherd mature shops for all of his cars at bohdan. Try out over to key dot com or call them at eight five five bulldog. we'll see ya at bulldog and tell them the crusade channel censure. Here's what to listen for this hour. Congressman from texas gets coded just political news. Magazine rose at a california governor oversteps his bounds again. A congressman of texas reported over the weekend that he has contracted the virus which causes cove in nineteen despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. What appears to be a breakthrough infection representative. Brian babbitt of texas said on twitter. That he started to have quote mild cold like symptoms on friday after testing negative for covert. Several times returned positive on saturday morning. The congressman added that he is recovering from covet nineteen at home and he has following a therapeutic regimen to recover under the advice and direction of his physicians. he said quote. I felt better. But i've also felt worse. Baben who is among fifteen house. Republicans who urged defense secretary. Lloyd austin to not impose nineteen vaccine mandates on servicemembers said he has been fully vaccinated since late december of last year. An interesting offer from the uk with more his crusade chennault political affairs correspondent magdalena rose up to ten thousand five hundred lorry-drivers poultry workers to be offered temporary uk vs in an attempt to avoid supply chain disruptions ahead of christmas. The government has said in a statement. The uk government had previously ruled out issuing visas to foreign workers. Burr reports on saturday suggested ministers are planning a u-turn on the issue. According to a government statement five thousand heavy good vehicle drivers and five thousand five hundred poultry workers have been added to the existing visa scheme until christmas. Twenty twenty one in order to ease supply chain pressures in food and hog industries during exceptional circumstances. This here the american people must understand what's happening in terms of the energy crisis supply chain issues that are occurring in europe. Because of the american people are not aware of that they cannot hold their elected officials feet to the fire in dealing with those issues every supply chain problem in the uk or in europe will ultimately affect the united states in some way and if people in this country are not aware what's happening. They can't even press reporters that they may know where the news networks that they watch to ask elected officials questions about those issues is the ultimate way to keep. Our people in shack is by knowing what's happening throughout the world and not just domestically for the crusade channel and political affairs correspondent. Don rose california governor gavin newsom side a pair of bills recently to relate to privacy surrounding abortion both of which could make it easier for minors to hide abortions from their parents. Ab thirteen fifty six illegal to film or photograph patients or employees within one hundred feet of abortion clinic quote with a specific intent to intimidate a person from becoming over meaning a reproductive health services patient provider or assistant the second bill. Ab eleven eighty four would allow insured individuals including minors to keep quote a sensitive services confidential for the insurance policyholder. Generally their parents avila requires insurance companies to quote accommodate requests for confidential communication of medical information regardless of whether quote disclosure would endanger. The individual are quote comes from saint defencelessly gordy. He who trusts in himself is lost. He who trusts in god can do. All things. Coming up are saints of the day. They were twins board in the third century. You're listening to crusade channel news. Hi everyone jamie scott here for those. That might not know me. I'm the director of the spares here in athens georgia. We're a local nonprofit. Aim to help those who are broken beaten and abused in stereotype by the harshness of this world. Our team work alongside many local businesses and community members to provide service to our clients. One of those businesses is pooled are here. did you know when you buy new kia from kia. A portion of your purchase goes to the sparrow. Business you can buy a new car and and get the chance to save lives. How cool is that head on over the bulldog dot com check out their great selection of new kias. Have you seen the new twenty. Two kia telluride. It's beautiful. you can also visit them in person on atlanta highway. Next the sam's club you can learn more about the sparrows nest in additional ways you can give back to our organization by visiting spare snus app dot org. Thank you for your support in remember. We'll see bulldog kia today. We're looking at the lives of saint cosmas and damian. There were twins born to christian parents and arabia and the third century and they lived in the region around the border between modern day turkey and syria. There were physicians who were renowned for their skill as well as their refusal to charge for their services. Their charity and christian witness when many converts to the faith and earn them may place a providence in the christian community of asia minor therefore when the diocletian prosecutions began in the latter half of the third century. There were some of the first to be sought out for execution in the year. Two eighty seven. They were captured in order to deny their faith in christ. They refused and underwent a series of tortures including crucifixion from which miraculously they remained unscathed. The tortures wary of what they realized was the impossible. Task of forcing apostasy from their mouths finally beheaded them. Both they are invoked in the canon of the mess and the litany of saints folly costco chief financial officer. Richard galanti said recently. The company wants to make sure it has essential items at stores even as shipping delays and truck driver shortages at hard to keep them on shelves during an earnings call. He said the realtor is quote putting some purchase limitations on key items those include toilet paper paper towels bottled water and high demand cleaning products. He did not specify how many of each item customers will be able to buy. The new product limits prompted by a different challenge than the ones in earlier phases of the pandemic when stores saw unusually high demand for paper products and antibacterial wipes as customers. Stockpiled those goods. Send me your news. Tips to ron. At crusade channel dot com stay tuned to the crusade channel with live breaking news updates all day and the best live. Talk radio anywhere up next. The mike show continues. 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