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And former maryland governor martin o'malley were in metro detroit for a michigan state university michigan political leadership program fund raiser they appeared on michigan matters and talk politics with host carol cain that can take formal washington perspective things are very very different atlas was tough it was partisan house always a tough sorta tough partisan place but that the level of acrimony that has spilled out of the congress and really into the country uh is really impressive as far as i can sit in modern history i'm sure it may be yoga backup wondering years bad but i'll tell you that modern history i mean the and a lot of has to do was just i think the realignment of the parties uh you know it michigan used to be a fairly republican place pennsylvania was but there were moderate in conservative republicans and even liberal republicans now the running liberal republicans and there aren't into conservative democrats insist sort of the alignment has caused not just two camps republican democrat but to philosophies liberal and and and conservative and it just makes a little harder to to bridge that gap and governor how do you how is it changed it when you start it well in 1990 our for state senate the age of twenty seven and i'm i would agree with senator sent to arms observation that we have gotten to a point in our country where we are so polarized in so many ways even down to the point of how will you can get our information about the public life that we share as americans that it's oftentimes very very difficult even within families for someone to have a conversation if their primary source of news is fox with a family member who's primary source of news is msnbc so that's something we have to figure out and we have to work through a country and.

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