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Weather together on the AIDS, and here is the Ryan. It is very messy. Coming into the downtown area. Let's start off with the Kennedy the inbound Kennedy heavy from North Avenue into downtown outbound, heavy from Ohio to North Avenue, the inbound Eisenhower that's heavy racing to the Jane Byrne interchange. Now continuing on the outbound, Ryan, you've got to lays out of Jane Byrne interchange almost to the Stevens in the inbound Stevenson heavy just past Ashland all the way to the Dan Ryan getting onto the ramps. The inbound Ryan that is a mess from 35th on into the Jane Byrne interchange. Now, the Stevenson is also very heavy from State Street to lakeshore drive. There are closures in place, and that's what's causing all of this gridlock. If you're on the 80 80. Let's not forget about that eastbound side heavy before whole bald to pass it about a mile with crash there on the left shoulder. Now, if you're on the rest of the roads, the tollway's or decent Northwest Indiana's okay. Let's talk about the downtown area restrictions in place now, through six AM Lakeshore Drive closed from Fullerton to the Stevenson. All ramps closed from Roosevelt to division on the Ryan and the Kennedy majority. The Bridges downtown over the river raised trains not running into downtown. They won't go north of 47th south of Fullerton or east of Halstead. Bus service remains open, but you could see lots of re routes because of the bridge is raised and the street closures, access points for residents and employees of area businesses. Harrison Street, Chicago Avenue and Whole Stead. Roosevelt in Canal Kinsey and hosted and LaSalle to next traffic. Report..

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