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So we left Diana with Bernie Casey in. Stan. Winston makeup sniffing her hair tugging at her top. Okay here. Here we are I'm sorry. Convoy was performed by bill fries. who also, he has a soundtrack credit on mystery science theater what? Yeah. Okay. It was on ripped tickets Okay. That's new MS okay. Okay. So you think that the gargoyles are this is kind of like a not quite a Shamlan twist, but you think the gargoyles are just kind of like mindless monster sort of because all they've done so far is just break Balsa wood doors and. Ninety little tables. What did Cornell while that was going to this is going to buy us a few seconds. Yes all it did the lamp was on that thing the light one, twenty bus. Many. Anyway but maybe that just speaks more to the construction of stuff back in the seventies bribe. But riddle me this. Now, I swear in the dialogue that Bernie Casey says, they've only been awake for two weeks. Okay. That's what I was hoping. You could clarify low vet because. I couldn't figure out if they were. Old Creatures that had been hibernating which I think that's what it is. I think that's what they weren't just birthed two weeks ago they had been hibernating or in some type of like A. Suspended animation. Chur. Okay. So but where do all these eggs come from? So that's basically they a hole. Cave I help clan of of gargoyles and a ton of eggs. So somebody's Ado In. The? Nasty. which can be seen on at forty nine. Oh two. Oh almost there. Bernie, Casey's talking to the the matriarch. About you know the eggs hatching what she turns and he slaps her on the L.. Yeah, he does. He does he gives her like a good game. He does a locker room. was that about letting you know that? Yeah. Even old ancient creatures can get it on like Bernie Casey was low get Outta here baby. Yeah. I may be green and slimy. I don't want you to see what I'm going to do to this human humidity. Take a nap. It's Bernie. Casey was not very good. So. That little bit of emotion and you know. And she hugs him when he comes in, you know and she's like stressed out and crying, we're calling her the matronly gargle. Only because she's the only one that has like, would you say like female features and a WIG bribe? Basically, every gargoyles looks different than the one beside it. They could have made him look all the same. That was interesting choice. But then also that just end that they have like you know they're. They're you know n even that asks slap as like A. Community in love and it wasn't. He wasn't being mean now no he he was like we're GonNa make some eggs later..

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