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Eight hundred milligrams ibuprofen helped kgb gives a better paid reliever that an iconic hands down but here's the problem i the pro thin causes a lot more damage to the body then a very short term once a be narcotic so what you have somebody who's dealing with the fracture absolutely we give them what we can profit do on the er you still hasn't he are daca this is what i did in the nineties somebody bust boehner a break something or springs something i gave them all i the profit but i said look in case you have great through paid in cases ibuprofen doesn't cut it i'm gonna give you some rakad ex just to have just in case now added to a steady back then but a patient have these something cupboards gays rarely needed to use the pain medication as opposed to um i'm not cumulative you just have to live out the ibuprofen so i like the idea of the kind of a placebo effect of or the you know what don't worry we got the safety net uh when you have a narcotic just in case you need it along doctors notice lot of television no no no you're not gonna have a painkiller all of a sudden mentally they're going to be naked you give them the ibuprofen as they look here's a little painful just in case they they end up doing better that's got to be studied we had to a study for that one the only thing is is do we want people need longterm know ibuprofen will give you an ulcer ivan publicspirited art failure ibuprofen well caused gee i lead obviously it'll cause kidney disease so in my practice i couldn't keep people on either pro finn because their kidneys were going to get fried so i guess the er could technically right last narcotics but there are already giving ibuprofen they're already doing that now what about the idea of tricky in a patient giving a patient a pill and let it unpick it's a painkiller who work i wouldn't want to do that what is that delic.

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