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If you'd like calling and ask a question, anybody online, Chris, we do. We're going to go to Lou and Roland Park. Lula. You've got a question about the economy. Both boys group, but I want to go off practice a little bit. Um, bumper music you had was Steely Dan reeling in the years. Very good. Playing in Baltimore Prohibit room next month, and I'm going to guess that was 1975. That's my guest back as the greatest waste of brain matter I could ever imagine. But any good go ahead. McDonald's can still around and good stuff. Yeah, talk about a classic just real quickly. Um, I got an annuity when I was going through my separation and divorce, and one of the things that might broker said, which which makes some sense is that judges are Judges don't like to get involved with taking away people's annuities from them. So it's a good way. If there's if you're a guy and you're going through a divorce to shield some of your money. Um And minute. You actually have an annuity playing house and it's been fabulous. Now. I'm not a great believer on them, but I think that there's some good things You know, Um, I wish you know I had the opportunity to actually look at your product and they analyze it compared to what you might have Also done. I don't agree with you. Judges give you a benefit over the annuity and not taking the annuity away. I think judges do want to make sure that both parties, retirement is secure, and they don't like to hurt people's retirement and so forth. So I'll give you that if you want to make that argument, But I know a lot of the bright house annuities. I've seen him and there isn't specially. No magic going on in the bright ass tonalities. I can absolutely assure you that I know what I've put in initially. I know what it's currently value that sure, but that's valued at a lot more than what I initially put in. Sure, But did you compare that to what it could have been? If you just put it into a regular mutual fund, you probably would add. 100% more money. I can assure you of that. It's only logical. It's only logical, my friend Lou because the commission's and the fees inside of annuity compared to a mutual fund, no load mutual fund, please of about 1000.6% at the most. Compared to 3%, plus 5 8 10% Commission that could have been gone. And from that thing, there is no way that that annuity outperformed the same time mutual funds in the bright House annuity with substantially higher fees and commissions. Then there would have been in a no load mutual fund. So you might feel good about the return you God. But if you did that, in 2000 and 4, 2000 and 5, 2000 and 6, 2000 and 9, 10 or 11, it could be substantially higher. But if you would have done it, regular mutual fund would probably been about 100% higher at this point in time. Well, Maybe I don't think so. I mean, I followed. All we could do is you could send your statement in the next week. We could talk about losing new itty and what it would have done. That's that's Yeah. Was feeling Dan. All right, sir. Thanks for calling. We'll see you. We got a couple of the calls. We've got first. Next one. We got Deepak in home values to talk IRAs Go ahead. Well, hi. I wanted to ask you a question that in the beginning of the show you were talking about a gentleman who walked in and you helped him that, uh, after that's IRA conversion. What were you talking about? So if you look at your tax return, and you see that you have a form 86 Oh, six filed on your tax return that's called the air after tax bases in IRA account. And if you have that you only have three months left, Possibly possibly. There's no assurance this tax law will go through. But if you don't do something with that 86 6 faces before the end of this year, and they passed this law. Trust me. You are a loser in a big way. That's all I can really explain Its two more. It's too complicated beyond that it was you need to do is go to your tax returns..

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