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Reporting 15,299 new cases of Corona virus, the highest single day number by any state since the pandemic began. Governor dissenters has said that they are staying status quo at Phase two. And not moving forward at this point with any quick timeline for reopening correspondent Natasha Chan. At least 33 states are seeing increases in covert 19 cases. Surgeon General Jerome Adams tell CBS and space of the nation. There are ways to limit its spread together. We can turn this thing around and just 2 to 3 weeks if everyone does their part, more studies coming out showing the effectiveness. I'm covering US debts. Now Top 135,000. No backups around about evens drivers. Ian outside 16 minutes like Coach Junction. Kennedy's good going outbound. 23 minutes in from O'Hare, 13 Montrose to downtown Eisenhower. Now looking good in both directions. Stevenson album Heavy from Ashland Western after a crash that was blocking two right lanes just got clear 23 minutes out. Rising 32 to 3 55 No inbound backup Ryan Outbound 16 minutes round his 22 57 heavy album from the tryingto Holst it after an earlier report tight off Ryan King, Dr Lakeshore Drive so south through the Oak Street go down, jammed up through Grand Park. Again from Randolph to Chicago Avenue. No backups on any of Illinois's always from the wools. Am 8 90 Traffic center. I'm like priests Next update in 30 minutes. We've erased our history all over the place from Conquistadors from 15 hundreds through Abraham Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson, left everywhere in the world uses racial.

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