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Really gone with the wind is overrated it is over okay very good as an holed up stone god's i mean how long is the tape for something the blow away i do love how happy that makes you win you get the king next laugh the highest honour vcc don limits our show with is still god's on espn radio we really like spending time with his human being his new film only the brave is in theaters now nationwide it's got a very good rating on rotten tomatoes jeff bridges the dude he's going to be with us in seconds and if if this guy picks a project these days i like the decisions that he's making yep later in life with the freedom that comes with having had success there was rip d well but they're gonna be some but they're going to be some bed choices that i feel like jeff bridges later in life is making i'm curious i want to get the answer from him on who he thinks is someone in hollywood that's making the best choices because i really liked the art of hell or high water i like i like the artistry in it and they were telling a bigger story about the frustrations that are in a lot of pockets of smaller america that field desolated lost and forgotten and the links that those areas have to go they told it through a bank robber movie but the it was a beautifully shot movie and i'm sure the jeff bridges when he gets involved in some of these projects knows what they're going to look like like i you know how i like the run tomatoes ratings in this only the only the brave is a firefighter movie right.

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