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Your vote there at one vote permitted by cell and email address voting closes june nineteen so proft to those guys for that after a long time to gather news came out this week dave mcmanaman espn cavaliers reporter was otto were solo show and he blew busted out a news that has had its share of reverberating shin for a few days now and it has to do with the broad james leave wien cleveland again there was never a guarantee will abroad came back cleveland that he would coming back to her to retire and it became quite clear when he went on the record with our becker boots report last year uh and spoke about the desire of one day play with chris all waited another f the court career up that now that nathan bert well why not be cleveland to make that happen and so that opened up the door for the possibility of him leaving i've gone radio interview really for over a year now i'm fed the i i don't think you're gonna end this correctly of it's just a matter of when that happens when this summer happening signed a twoyear deal guaranteed clocked one i looked at it like you definitely and cleveland two more years but after that all bets are off and really what word that the oh this franchise how you know as long as they are in a position to win i i don't think he's walking away but if there are some drop off next year or you know say say that you treat their kevin love or something like that and wherever they get back it doesn't work out and they they regress well you know then he had a great run in cleveland on the second since then and then go somewhere else and finish off his career most likely in la either pete the clippers lakeridge and and there's nothing wrong with that uh this is the arabs ridden fee this is the arab again lebrun believing i've.

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