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This time of day folks, the middle of the day in most parts of the country. This is when most Hamburg worries are reported. I mean, sometimes they happen at night if the burglars. No, nobody's at home. But most of them happened right about now middle day because that's the odds are when nobody is going to be home. It makes sense more homes are left unattended. And unprotected this time of day, people are at work or school. But they're always in and out. So they alarm system may not even be alarmed if it's on if there is one. Burglar's don't want to be caught by anybody. So they look for unattended homes. It's it's one thing of homes unattended. It's another thing if it's unprotected. Folks, there is no longer in need to hold back, especially because of price or flexibility or ease of installing because simply safe is for everybody. Now, it is an innovative new home security system that does not use wires, and you might think. Well, that's not a big. It is the big is the biggest deal. It is the primary reason for the innovation is the primary reason it's not nearly as expensive. It's the primary reason it's much easier to arm an operate and troubleshoot. Uses wifi every sensor that you install in your house on the doors and windows the motion detectors glass break centers. Everyone cameras. Every one of them uses wifi to connect to the base station, which you put wherever you want in the house if that base station. Amidst the siren or causes lights to flash or whatever when there is a sensor that's been tripped..

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