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West response to north korea's icbm as a show of force of its own correspondent ben tracy invasion in a largescale military exercise the us in south korea launched a barrage of missiles into the sea the message to north korea we have weapons to and they are not far away in a statement the pentagon said the us will use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against the growing threat from north korea so what next we asked cbs news national security analyst pran towns and we're going to have to do things differently sanctions alone not worked the timing of it allows the president now to put this at the top of his agenda in his g twenty meeting i'm stephen portnoy in warsaw poland north korea will be a major focus of president trump's meetings here in europe this week after meeting with the polish president giving a speech to polls mr trump heads to hamburg germany and the g twenty summit will hold oneonone meetings with nearly a dozen counterparts including russian president vladimir putin it'll be their first facetoface encounter a recent visitor to poland is under fire for using a former nazi death camp as a backdrop to push for a stronger us military more from wwl dave cohen in the video congressman clay higgins talks about protecting the united states of america from the evils of the world he he recorded a portion of it inside of an auschwitz gas chamber after about twenty minutes everyone was dead after the video was posted the auschwitz memorial tweeted that a former gas chamber is not a stage but a place where there should be respectful silence others on twitter called higgins disrespectful despicable and thickening dave cohen for cbs news new war this witness described what he saw as the unthinkable happened last night in the bronx was in there like a crazy guy with a gun and then a talk on shot a pointblank the.

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