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KJ Costello. I got to give our staff credit. These are great choices. A seriously our staff has no life because we have gone and found literally perfect backups. Again, I have no idea why I think it's Nathan Peterman. Why do I think that? It's Jarrett Stidham from auburn. Okay, so that's because he was their backup. So Stidham was in New England with Josh, McDaniels. So did they just bring him over? Okay, now I got to get back to 500. Now it's getting serious. I'm humiliating myself. I'm going to four game losing streak. You get fired in the NFL if you're a coach with a four game losing streak. Here we go. All right, moving to the eagles. Chase mcsorley, Gardner minshew, Danny etling, teddy Bridgewater. I why do I think it's trace mcsorley a Penn State? Damn it. Is it minshew? Yeah. Mint choose too good to be hurts as backup. Where is trace mcsorley? So I'm three and 5 now. Boy, I really went after a nice September. I went off the rails. Do we have any more on three and 5? We got more. We got two more. One night left. We got the bears. PJ walker, Mike glennon, AJ mcgarry, Trevor Simeon. Jeez. AJ McCARRON. Three and 6. All right. Can I get the last ones in? Well, and Trevor Simeon played at northwestern so I get it. Okay, so let's go to the last one. All right. Cardinals. Colt McCoy colt McConnell. Okay, all right. I got one. Four and 6. There we go. That was the first one you knew. Oh, Zach sudfeld was a tight end. Nate sudfeld, see, this mind never shuts off. I get names mixed up, but you know, I got back up tight ends. All up in here, confusing me. Alex, thanks for the help this week. Stay motivated, energized in shape, triam drive dot com, 5 bucks free shipping see you Monday. It's the herd.

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