The Cavaliers Just Stunned the Basketball World by Hiring John Beilein


John B line is not staying in an Arbor reliant is leaving Michigan. And adding to the NBA where he's taking over as the new coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's the winningest coach in the history of the Michigan program para final four appearances in his twelve years there twenty thirteen in two thousand eighteen now he takes over a rebuilding project in Cleveland getting a five year deal with the Cavs ESPN analyst docket. I think that if I'm the Cavs. I would much rather have HIV line in some. I don't know guy. That's never really done a whole lot. Now, there's not a lot of guys in college that you can go to the NBA all that kind of stuff the peelings. Here's a great pamper. My son played form is great temperamental players ended development. The the rules of the game aren't going to hurt his style at all because rules are different very different. But I think it's a great gift of the Cavaliers? But as you will know, you guys will get some players if you don't that's a bad roster. And you may get some players if you if you're gonna make this work, no matter who the coaches, Dan with that being said, this is a big summer. A lot of free agency conversation how excited a player's going to be in the NBA to play for a coach while he's had a lot of success. It's been in college. It's interesting. I think that I am gonna change a little bit. A lot of players were always talking about got playing league for me to play with you. I think I think people have seen that's going to differ way. Look, let's be on if money talks if the Cavaliers have more money than somebody else. Go get who they want. But also city talks, and I couldn't personally I mean, I I'm a big fan of Cleveland. I love going there when I was coaching bowling green is just two hours away. But if I'm twenty two years old, I got pocket full of cash twenty five years old. I put cash I don't really Cleveland would be a destination. No matter who the coaches unless I'm LeBron I'm from there. So, you know, the guys that are truly going to make a difference probably gonna go to New York probably gonna go to LA probably gonna go to those cities, regardless. But I'm saying is as much as coaching can make a difference in the NBA, which you can some John. We'll make that difference. He will. He is a very good basketball coach on all sides. Offense defense transition. He is a perk. Perfect to handle all ages, older, younger whatever but come on. You got you gotta have guys in aging. Kevin love a hopefully for him developing Colin sex. And then who knows what you got in the middle between Tristan Thompson, and and the rest, and then you gotta hope you win the lottery you throw throw Zion with those guys. Maybe you got something but mandate like like, I remember when his was going to go the Cavaliers he desperately. All you wanna do is talk. Lebron James and see what the Brian James was thinking LeBron his people wouldn't talk to him. There's no Brown there. And you know, what if you can come in the same time as I'm Lehman, we really good thing for it'd be let in Cleveland is this a risk worth taking when you're a guy who's got an eight twenty nine to four sixty eight college record has been transformative at Michigan and your sixty six for jar. I think it's a absolute win win. I mean, you know, sixty six years old. He's leaving comfort sixty six five years. Let's say I don't know six seven eight million dollar cost of living. Cleveland's not bad. If you're going to do it. You do it. Now. That's it. Right. I mean, you're not gonna be offered this five years from now. So I I like it for both. I really do. I think John made the only choice that he could make it. In fact, he was going to leave. Now, if he wasn't gonna leave if he was married to Michigan. Then you obviously, don't even entertain it. But if you're thinking about it. And you sixty six five year deal. Let's go and John gets a five year deal to leave in and head to Cleveland. And yes. It was a headline about an MBA coaching higher. But are Stephen a Smith says? And you got job be Lana. Head coach for the Michigan. Wolverines is the new head confident Cleveland Cavaliers, no problem there. It's news. Here's my point. What the hell is the segment about it? Who cares? I'm John Williamson with the draft tomorrow that might be different. But since you announced this before we know whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers going to have the number one overall pick which undoubtedly is going to be I on Winston in the upcoming NBA who gives a damn about the Cleveland Cavaliers the pros not there anymore. Kevin loved Sydney on his way out. Don't talk to that man by keeping them in Cleveland some someplace where he could compete for championship. He's a damn good player who the hell out this day. Give a damn about Cleveland graduates. Bravo. Gravel. It's so touching confined. And. I'm sorry. Cleveland the bras there anymore. No one cares about you right now. No, no, no. Your day is common

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