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King soopers you can get all the fresh you want a great price with the livery and free pick up because we believe in fresh for everyone why not be an online order shop our aber king soopers dot com and try delivery or free pick up today restrictions apply king soopers fresh for everyone owning a home has never been easier or more affordable and if you are an honorably discharged veteran or on active duty the VA loan is exactly what you need joining me today is Greg Vogel from American financing to explain thanks for having me I'm a ten year army that and I've used my VA benefits seven times since nineteen ninety nine the first time when I was still on active duty it's the absolute best loan program out there for active duty and separated military personnel there's no down payment requirement no mortgage insurance and it comes with interest rates that are lower than any other loan program it's awesome thanks for the insight Greg and thank you for your service active duty personnel veterans looking to buy a home or refinance to consolidate high interest debt now is the time to do so before the VA funding fee increase in twenty twenty so called American financing salary based mortgage consultant today at three oh three six nine five seven thousand that's three oh three six nine five seven thousand or online and American financing dot net unless one eight two three three four regulated by the division of real estate they are at best HD to Denver this is Denver's talk station with Dan caplets now your bags tonight at six six thirty K. H. O. W. Denver.

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