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I find it interesting. The guy co founder, Dan Houser how he clarifies like, oh, no, I'm not saying that the whole team did this, not for the whole duration of the development of the game. I'm just saying like a select few people. Did it. And it was only over the course of a few weeks or if you months and my immediate, I all is year. You may be saying, oh, we would never Ashur employees to do to send me other. And this was just for a small window at time. It's like, yeah, but what was it like before this? Because if you think about it, if these people have been in the in the industry for a while and have been developing games for awhile. I'm sure that there was a time where this crunch culture was just like a twenty four seven day in day out thing. And over time they learned, hey, I'm Burnham people out because even if someone is passionate about what they do in, they want to give that extra time and shit. It is your responsibility as a manager to go like, hey, look, you've been here for like the last three days straight. You know, two, three, four AM. You had a nine AM shift like you have to go home. Like I'm. I can't. I can't. You know. Legally make you stay, but I can make you go like you need to go home because even if you're doing this, not even expecting if you're doing this after work hours and you know you're not getting paid for it. There comes a a tipping point for any human beings where it's like, like you said, your your productivity, going to start to go down your, your focus is going to start to go down, especially when you're going to lack of sleep and and you know, food and stuff like that. It's like you, you're not being as effective as you may think you're being by staying extra and you are putting yourself in a position to where you were burn yourself out faster to be a avaiable. The. Resource for for the rest of the team because it's like, hey, you know such and such. They put on either like he's going to be dead to us for the rest of tomorrow like, so don't even bother trying to get him to do and work on whatever. You You know, know, it's like. there comes a point where it's not just about maintaining time, but managing people and managing what they even not so much what they can do, what they're willing to do. It's like, yeah, I know you may want to do this, but I need to think about the long like it's not a sprint. It's a marathon. Like, yeah, you might get shit done now, but you're going to be useless to me down the road because how you might just drop out of the game developing industry ought to gather because you know what your experience in the past..

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