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Am this was an event called them evening with vince scholarly the pasadena civic auditorium i know what he may sad this is exactly right that's exactly what is all started it just it just made me sad 'cause i knew in it was never going to be the same for me was it never was going to be the same genie is out of the bottle now uh iphone ten review look i'm going to do more detailed amara but i just i'm just going to tell you i need a staff year i'll tell you i was not that excited about this vote because of the screen size i loved the plus screen size and this is smaller it's the same height but it's a little narrower and therefore the phone a smaller which a lot of people like but man folks uh talk about state of the art technology way ahead of it is time and literally you can you can describe face ideas magic it is just the it screen everthing i i i can't believe that i wasn't as excited about this as i am nets pleasant surprise excitement but uh we have a call and not i'm not going to have time to get to the caller but i've but i want to mention it's michael from kent ohio actually somebody from south mississippi with a good point that's terry to that brazil's always been a at bill clinton guy but has never really been a big hillary person guy art gal uh which may be some truth to that inching look into and michael in kent ohio as the only way to stop these mass shootings church shootings is to have concealed carry permits yeah but what did stop the guy a law abiding good guy with a gun and that's a good point i i apologise get both their phone numbers mr snerdley will offer of a box of milk duds as a consolation prize bag lee's rush.

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