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I'm John Baxter. This is John Baxter Show. I welcome my colleague, Dr Henry Miller, a physician. At the Pacific Research Institute. Henry has been my guide through these many months of mystery over the virus. And these last hour hours, Henry a very good evening to you. This is not just a political response to the virus. This is also about future. This is political reporting in California. With the district's declaring Monday that in person learning will not resume in the fall. That, of course, is profound consequences not just for the students, but her parents, teachers, administrative staff and an economic recovery. That depends in part. One working parents being able to put their kids in school for a few hours, Henry a. Very good evening to you. This is not just a political response to the virus. This is also I believe if I follow the reporting carefully enough This is also the mystery that The Morales gist and the medical teams have not solved which is Children. Especially under 18 Children and the virus to my understanding in the reporting of these last weeks and one that you sent me in specific This is a quandary for everyone, including the CDC. Is that correct? Henry? There's still gathering data about Children and the virus. Good evening to you. Good evening, John. You know that This is a quandary, its scientific quandary and ah public policy quandary. Because a CZ the UM pediatrics professional group has said it's important for education and for social development to get kids. Back into schools. Ah, And yet, others said with some justification that we don't want to put kids in what amounts to Ah ah, an institutional Petri dish. Where were covert 19 is going to be passed around the way that the common cold and flu are passed around during the wintertime. So, um, and our knowledge about the susceptibility of kids to the Corona virus. And whether they can be spreaders and transmitted even if they're a symptomatic is really pretty incomplete, So it's a very, very difficult, uh, conundrum. The reporting I'm following here is from medium I read. On July 4th, Florida reported a record high number of cases among Children age 19 and younger in Oregon. Cases among Children younger than 10 grew fivefold during June. Texas reports that the number of cases is rising among kids attending daycare. Now the puzzle, Henry is that we We need to talk about something called viral load and shedding a viral low, which you've guided me to understand these many months is significant because it explains somewhat why some people get the virus and some people don't why they're super spreaders in there, people who are not super spreaders. Our Children. It has been suggested in the past do not have much viral load, and therefore it is difficult to catch or to get infected from a child. But I see from this reporting that's changing because the early explanations that are now regarded as early is that correct. Not that that is true, And there was a small recent study by in Switzerland very small study of only a dozen kids who had symptoms of Corona virus. And they had a viral load, which is the amount of virus in their systems. Quantitative of virus. Hi and virus shedding patterns that were similar to those of adults. So when at least when kids become sick with the Corona virus. They have a lot of virus and they can shed it and transmit the infection. So that's another caveat about Sending kids to school, particularly if there isn't a quick social distancing and if they're exempt from wearing masks. In New York. The remedy so far if I understand it, and they change all the time is the governor. Has indicated that school that he vows safe's the decision by the mayor of New York City to open the public schools in the fall with a part time schedule..

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