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Split squad action losing to the twins three to two tying the rays to to to Major League Baseball is urging a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by fantasy contestants over sign stealing by the Astros MLB says attempts at cheating are part of sports five men have sued MLB MLB advanced media the Astros and the red Sox in federal court in Manhattan among their claims or fraud violation of consumer protection laws and negligence the five say that participated in draftkings fantasy baseball contests Bruins back in action tonight hosting the flames ruins and ducks in a trade Bruins acquiring forward Nick Ritchie from the ducks in exchange for forward Danton Heinen Celtics on the road against the trail Blazers tonight traffic is next the weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes WBZ traffic time is three thirteen happening right now downtown ninety three south bound full closure at Solomon's square follow the detour to get back on before there's a Cambridge o'neill tunnel north bound you reducing speed for a doubling closure then on ninety three north the leveling is taken by the Tobin bridge no real delay their exit twenty six lever connector is closed on the pike the westbound side down two lanes in the provincial title you're at the speed limit on the airport tunnels the summer has the right lane closure no delays on the ramp to star drive is closed Callahan tunnel in Ted Williams are fine nor the town route one north and south bound we have work crews in the Chelsea curve causing delays ninety three one twenty eight and route three are fine south of town nothing anyway on the expressway route three twenty four or ninety five out west on the westbound side of the pike the left lane is taken at the Natick service plaza no delay there for ninety five south bound does have delays you gonna slow down for work crews after the pike in Hopkinton no worries on route two or route nine.

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