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I'm so I'm so glad that ROY Moore is not going to run for Senate again in Alabama. Wait a minute. Hold on a minute. Wait a minute. Brett breaking news. I think by tell me it's not happening. John, tell me it's not tell me he's not running again. John, tell me he is not running again. All at him. Tell you now morality to preserve or moral institutions, and I'm ready to do it again. And yes, I will run for the United States Senate. No pointing. Go. That's a seat league in windowed. What is wrong with you? Gosh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I am so bummed right now. So going to get on the cowboy get up right on into town on the horse. I'll be your Senator from Alabama for why is he dressed up like a cowboy in Alabama? There's no Cowboys in Alabama farmers in Alabama. Cowboys is a west thing, you're going to be Texas and west really Texas up to the planes in west, the where the cattle used to be I will give Texas and west out to Hawaii, because you did have the bucket was pack a long time ago. What are we doing man? What are we don't know who told him to? I wanna know what democrat. I wanna know. Tom Steiner is funding him. I promise you, Tom Steyer is funny. So ROY Moore is going to run for, for for Senate in twenty twenty which means we're going to keep the seat in the hands of Doug Jones. I'm John use that phone number. You have call Jeff Sessions tally. He has got to get back in the freaking race. Jeff Sessions needs to be a Senator from Alabama. He can beat this guy. He can defeat this guy. I do not want. Maybe. Okay. I will open the phones if you are a ROY Moore East Asia. And you want to try to make the case that he's the guy you want in the Senate. Oh, god. No, please remember, the banned from the record store at the mall. He couldn't go to liquid pizza. He couldn't he kept looking at the houses of the holy cover houses, the holy album covers. I'm here. Can y'all shumur rat? Now, I'm going to be Phanor. No, please men. I can't do this. Please know ROY sodomy and material of nine to one side of me or materialism, it sounds like a lot from, from hell. No. This is terrible man. Donald Trump junior waited on this decision. He said, this is pure fake news. I can assure everyone that by running ROY Moore is going against my father and he's doing a disservice to all conservatives across the country and is a Senate seat. We can pick up we have fifty three senators. I know if we hold what we have, and ROY Moore doesn't run and somebody normal runs and gets that seed. You have fifty four Senate seats now that means you're, you're neutering the threats from. The crazy one from Alaska Murkowski and the crazy one from Maine Collins. This. This is a guy who couldn't win an Alabama as a Republican. Let me say it again. This is a guy who couldn't win an Alabama as a Republican. What are we doing? Ellen woman Ellen on Twitter. She makes a really good point. She says listen, I've lived in Alabama, almost forty years, more would many times seek out controversy to bring attention to himself if more cared about Alabama he would not get into this race. But alas it's about him. Moore's horse has a Twitter feed. And William Moore's horse says, I did not choose this life, please. If he wins he will ride me into Washington, and I'm scared of cars. We have to save them. Roy Moore's horse is very upset about this. Wherein you ROY Moore's horse is very upset. I I don't understand what we're going to do. Asked for comment. Asked for comment. You and you can look at you can look at his Twitter feed. He's got a Twitter feed when you when you look at his comment his, his comic, ROY Moore's horse comments on Twitter, well, s. Reacting to the fact that he's going to do this again. Really? Yeah. He doesn't want to do this man, ROY Moore's horse, does not want to do this. He does not want to be with this route and tuten. Alabama cowboy. No, man. Why what come on? Does it ever strike you as odd, folks, you get this close to winning? And they, they just they seized defeat. Right. From the judge victory. You literally. Was it? Leeann let in the Super Bowl that he was running down the field. And he had the football out of his hand and he was about to go in the end zone. He ran it back like sixty yards and he slowed down and he's got it out in front of him. And what happens the dude from the bills slapped it out of his hands? Touchdown. What are we doing? Don't Leon Lett this election, do not Leon Lett this election slip away hypocrisy. It's not hypocrisy. It's sodomy and the Comoro. Very the Republican establishment, Senator, go ahead. Ask him up position on things. John asked me any question you want to ask me, I'm judge ROY Moore. The judge west of the papers. It'd be judge Moore. Yes, sir. Like to know how you feel about vagrants in, Sacramento in Sacramento or not, welcome in my kind of community, and I'm going to go to Washington DC, and I'm gonna personally along. I'm going to outlaw Anamar. Explain everybody, why it is that you cannot be vagrant in America today, or my name isn't Senator to be or not to be or. More. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There trigger. Okay. Where's my going to town chaps, I've to look good, please club? Okay. We've made progress not a single person is calling rooting for ROY Moore. I think we won this time. Twitter will show up seven sixty talk breaking news. Jim Sharpe vets got the headline a possible. Game changer in the murder trial of a.

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