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Resolve it peacefully. And we've been supporting the efforts of the police. Ultimately they still have the the jurisdictional responsibility to enforce that injunction. And bring those barricades down. Everybody's been working hard to do that. Peaceably as possible. I think the the the steps taken by the RCMP. Today's ago are very significant and do create a set of circumstances that allow for peaceful resolution of this matter. But if the barricades need if the barricades don't come down what will you do? Well I think we will always consider the first of all our commitment to reconciliation and to address the underlying concerns and injustices that need to be addressed in that agenda will remain. We'll continue our commitment to continue to work on those those issues but we have tried very hard over the past two weeks to bring about the conditions that will allow for a peaceful resolution of these blockages ultimately if if that fails that the police have other resources available to them at their options in the use of of of of their legal authorities to remove those barricades I understand that the police have been you know. Patient and working hard themselves to try to resolve this peaceably. Will you send a deadline? If for the the barricades to be removed and I will tell you the urgency of getting this done. I'm strongly of the belief this needs to happen quickly and and and I believe barricades should come down. So why would you so? Would you set a deadline for the barricades to be down? The difficulty of setting deadlines is is is deadlines. Aren't necessarily how help wanted in a in a negotiation. I think everyone who is involved in this discussion has to understand that. There is an urgency to a peaceful resolution but it has to happen very quickly. The impact of these packages unacceptable Canadians. It's impacting innocent cages across the country. And it needs to inform both sides discussions. We understand that. Some of the many of the concerns that have been raised by the people of. What's The wet end on the blockades? We've tried in. I think the PF demonstrated a very professional approach to helping to resolve the issues in dispute but there is an urgency to to to resolving this as quickly as possible and the remaining case are unacceptable and need to come down and the remaining seconds that we have people outside of Edmonton showed up in pickup trucks and brought the Bra blockades down themselves. Are you concerned that there will be more of that sort of activity? I'm always concerned about an escalating tension and confrontation at at these sites and again. I know the goal of the police and certainly the goal of our government is to bring this about bring about a peaceful resolution of of this dispute to end those blockades to get the trains moving again and then to continuing our commitment to work with indigenous communities to address issues of reconciliation. That's the way we're committed to all of those things and mostly we're committed to a peaceful resolution of this matter but we've got to get those trains moving. Canadians are depending on bill. Blair good to speak with you. Thank you bill Blair. Administer public safety and emergency preparedness Rosemary. Barton the one Saturday morning in June. Nineteen ninety nine. Fifteen Year Olds Menia. Non Devel- disappeared in never came home. No one has ever been charged with her murder but there was a suspect never command like him. I'm Michelle Shepherd this season on uncover. I don't recall making that Com. That's fine if you don't recall it but I'm telling you that's what you told me. Uncover Sherman available now wherever you get your podcast. Abc's chief political correspondent. She's been listening in Rosemead wanting to you. What do you make of what you just heard from? Bill Blair the public safety minister a couple of things. Strike me there. I think there was a small shift in language. Both from Minister Blair and from other ministers that we've been hearing for from over the past twelve hours or so when he said the time has come for the barricades to come down That's a very different kind of statement than what we were hearing much earlier this week which was really just a call for patients although that that continues and and it seems to me that that shift in language we should probably read that as to your point of is there a deadline as as we are coming to the end of what the government has a deadline because they certainly have one minister. Miller has said that and others. They're not going to talk about it publicly because to to Minister Blair's point. That probably won't help negotiations but they certainly know that we are in the last days of this in terms of trying to talk it through what that means in terms of how the actually solve it. I'm not sure but I would say that they that they know that this is coming to ahead. Is that happening now because the RCMP has offered to withdraw from territory. Yeah I mean I think that was a significant move. The government sees it as such and now they hope that the wet Sowetan see it as such and more importantly frankly that the Mohawk community sees it that way you know that that has become sort of the flashpoint and obviously the biggest issue the blockade that has to come down right away. It's clear that the issues around what's happening on the wet. Sowetan territory are not going to solved this week or next week. These are much longer bigger longstanding issues so the priority for the government is to get the blockade down if they can or if they feel that if they can suggest that they have complied or answered one of the Web's weapons demands or conditions There's a hope that the Mohawk will see that and that they will be able to then pull away the Wetzel wet. And there's a few of those chiefs there today. They're meeting with the Mohawks near my last night and this meeting. I mean although all sides are saying it's really just a meaning of to give. Thanks I think the hope is that it's much more than that that that becomes a way for the two sides these two first nations to discuss how to deescalate this and for the Mohawks to say we've done. We've done a good job raising awareness and now we can let this go. That would be hope. I think one of the reasons why there might be that change in tone is because the prime minister is facing heat from premiers and territorial leaders over how he's handled this. There was a conference call last night. How did that go yeah so he? He spoke with him last night after they all convened the day before and expressed a lot of frustration. Some coming from quarters that you would expect people that don't love the Prime Minister Anyway. But the premiums and the premiums Berta last night's call from what we understand went fine. I would say but that the premier's did again talk about running out of patience and I would say one premier in particular has become problematic. And that's that's the premier of Quebec Hospital. Go who yesterday not only wanted that injunction to happen. Those injunctions were issued in Ceylon Bio to get the blockade. Remove there but made it very clear that he's quite happy for the police for the Celtics Quebec to come in and enforce that injunction. Let's have a listen. Well let's have listen. Here's what I said yesterday about. What's going on along Montreal south shore? We hope to have a peaceful solution but right now this blockade is illegal. It as a major impact on our economy on life of people Right now some people are losing their job. So it's about time. We have a plan to make sure that the laws are respected. Rosemary Barton how does that complicate? What the Prime Minister and government are trying to do. Well I mean it's the exact thing that everyone else is trying to avoid and I. It's a curious position from premier in a province. That is all too familiar with blockades and injunctions and calling the police and things going wrong happened in one thousand nine hundred for seventy eight days and police officer was killed. So it's a little curious that the premier seems so quick to go to that solution particularly given that blockade has not even been very long. I think I don't think there's any one. Certainly no one that I've spoken to that thinks that escalation will result in something good there too many historical examples of how these things have sort of spun out of. Control that said everyone is aware of the The real impact starting to be felt whether it be the layoffs or the people who can't get products and goods and the fact that this is probably going on a little too long that said I don't. I don't think.

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