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Makes sense. Also according to fight full and NBC pitch an idea to WWE recently for a gimmick theme show called NFL night which would in fact, Football-related matches and angles. And then there was an idea of having a points match, where wrestlers would accumulate points for certain achievements wage fantasy wrestling. Oh my God. Yeah, your gun. But that is all for rumors. So it is trivia time. All right, so let's talk about Cena, if you would fight Roman this version of Rome, you probably tap out or pass out, right? Okay, question. I would think so. The question becomes, you know, he's only tapped to three guys in his career. Yeah. Who are those three guys? Kurt Angle is correct. That is also correct and made him tap. No. Or maybe pass out. Oh, to the one more. He's on the he's on the the oh Daniel Bryan. No. Nevermind. What's happening? These a pair of kids whose another, this has to be like a long-ass time ago because I became Superman Cena. He didn't have. Yeah, sort of like just haven't been linked with the four presidents on Mount Rushmore. Yes. Sorry. Can think of that. He disguises probably on that much money. Lunch Mort bout lunch more. Yes, the same day Shane McMahon. Did that like a couple of years ago? He said round mushroom? Or did he touched a flair Hulk? Hogan know like I said like he brought em Jericho Jericho. Oh okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah, yeah, nice. Walk up to the walls. I don't even remember them fighting. I know that was on Smackdown or it doesn't say where was what color of the ropes Kurt made him tap twice? By the way off, the ropes doesn't show it you can also what idiot spelt Kurt Angle with the c. So it's funny because they look Chris Benoit. Think it was for that anyway, thanks to references. All right now we have fan questions, Jake Baker, push, Fireberry hurricane the blue blazer super Nikki pushing Blue blazer, buried hurricane, fire, Super Duke. R push the blue blazer. Yeah, I push him off the push. That's what Vince did. Oh god. Wow. Wow who has no heart now. Eric wage earner Blazer. Got Owen Hart killed. I'd push the hurricane. I think emack was kind of fun better than the hurricane. Well, no, I like that. The hurricane had like the mild-mannered Gregory Helms. Yeah. It was it was way better. Blazer was awful and it killed Owen Hart. Okay, I mean really tired of hard whatever. Firing Yankee retool. I for one thing Nicky's new gimmick is a great change and Vince isn't holding a gun to my head. All right, sir, we don't even know that wasn't a question me though but we'll talk about it anyway. I'm Raj Molly, who do you think will win the European championship this summer England? France, Italy. Should I just go back to duck? Science questions probably Eric. Yeah you should at least have an opinion dead. I mean I don't watch your fingers. All right, good morning could be a good European Champion. Wow Ron Johnson. What is Nikki? Cross the superhero name. Wrong answers. Only break, Graham says the Scottish psychopath. Brandon Hill said the the Celtic Warrior. All right. What you say butter Sparrow? But oh no. Yeah, but our spare. Oh, yeah. Or Miss sanity? Yeah. I like it Garett Bolles. When are you coming out with your own line of Fruit? Roll-Ups they'd fly off the shelves faster than telling us flying the aw, that's a little Renaldo. Maybe we just pro wrestling tees self, follow-ups. Let me get in on that. Can we get the ones where like you pull out, like, touch up the shapes. Like we can do our faces. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure they had a movie for roll ups at some point. Huh? Maybe I don't know. Probably, I don't know. Maybe, Justin Stewart. Any of you guys want my SummerSlam tickets after last night's raw? I don't want it anymore. Yes, I'll take it. We already have some. I'm sold out. That's true. Pop culture. Junkie push Fireberry movie commentary Duo's for Ron smackdowns current product. We got dodgeball Gary Cole. Gary Cole and Jason Bateman. Yeah. Well, what were their names of the movie like pepper? Something does MC. Yeah, yeah. One of those. Yeah, I can't remember off Major League bunker and Marty pushed them and then baseketball Al Michaels and Bob Costas. Yeah I bury that one. And then fire ball ball on fire on Michael's. Yeah. Yeah that movie sucked and everyone then it off. I there's this one guy. Didn't I didn't write it a shot. He shot the basketball and like it was the worst shot you've ever seen. Anyone shooting a basketball and overacting with the face off. I was told what to do. It was cotton McKnight and pepper Brooks knowing with a try. Yeah, Newman with a try Joseph Joseph. Joseph Henry, came up with an idea to, for a way to make the five-on-five Survivor Series matches means something and I want your thoughts move elimination chamber to December. Give the winning five-person team and elimination chamber title match against their shows Champion. That's perfect. Yeah, that's perfect. Sure. I was it would mean something. Yeah, my idea was always whatever. Like, whatever brand wins. Yeah. Bragging rights. Yeah, whatever brand wins. Survivor series, that brand. Is the main event match at Mania? Okay, yeah. That's not bad, right? Yeah, because we sure as shit know, it's not the Rumble. Winner always, Main Events, right? True. That should be something I like the elimination chamber idea. Yeah, you five you get a title song. At the next pay-per-view, right? Inside the chamber. Cuz it's incentive for them to win, right? Yeah. How long you get to steal someone from the other show. You gotta steal a member of the other team. You have a lot of the wrestlers care about that bass. Love didn't have the GM's do it but still why would the wrestlers give a fuck. Like, what do we care? What do we want this guy? Yeah, I like the elimination chamber idea wage since you guys are big Batman fans. Which Batman would you like to see? Go down on Catwoman? It could be a Batman and Catwoman from any movie. Any comic, why would I answer Michael Keaton Michelle Pfeiffer. No Adam West. Go down on Anne Hathaway. Both versions of them. Now, now Song, Tyrone, grisim done, expecting great things from WWE, but I feel like Nikki crosses at Tire would be better if it was textured and dark, like, Spider-Man's are Aquaman's what she had on looked like Real Life mod. Soft paint. Yeah, it's not good. Yeah, Fox end is Drew McIntyre, so dramatic and targets of the chance to enter the money. The Bank match next week. Is this giving anyone else? 2018 Rumor Has flashbacks. I mean. Yeah, I've been saying that for later, unplugging a couple.

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