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Were dose you up with these massive amounts of niacin and niacin like any other particular substance. It's got a diminishing return you know what i mean. If you have too much nias it can be dangerous for you. I've heard people talk about using niacin. like spoof. a pee test for drugs. I don't know if that actually works or not but it you know in the same way that you're talking about the idea that i think what it does is. It causes you to sweat like crazy and causes like the capillaries on your skin to sort of expand and you get really read That's my understanding. it's interesting though. I don't know if it actually works or not though it does flush you It does give you a flushed. Your skin it's also banned in quebec and france. Because of this you'll see a health agency in quebec specifically that said they had to shut down a narcan on In scientology's rehab because four separate clients have been taken to the hospital due to the methods used there a. This is stuff like having people with addictions go cold turkey off something you know methadone or step down etc and these long detox in saunas that are meant to help you sweat out drugs and You know they pump you up with a ton of vitamins which may not always be healthy for you. It's also quite expensive. So there's question about the profit motive but yes in response to a cliff's email here. Yeah very much seems that it seems that these two organizations narconon and the church of scientology are related. the question is how independent or they And cliff do you. And other folks who have had experience with narconon feel that their ultimate goal was to recruit you into scientology where to help you get glean. Can i read the official. I found it. I found it on their website. Though right late okay so this is at narconon. Which is it's not spelled the way you may think it should be spelled. It is n. a. r. c. n. o. n. dot org just so everyone knows slash drug dash rehab okay. This is where you're going says since one thousand nine hundred sixty. Six superior results long term effectiveness. The narcan program is based on the discoveries in writings. Of l ron hubbard the founder of scientology religion. However narcan is nonreligious in. A person does not become a scientologist by doing. The program and hubbard was a humanitarian whose works include discoveries in the fields of education mental health and criminal reform as well as drug rehabilitation he began his research into drugs during the nineteen sixties and seventies when recreational drug use had reached epidemic proportions. He developed technologies to overcome the adverse effects of virtually every type of drug wanting to help those lost to addiction. Mr hubbard made his discoveries. Broadly available and the result was the establishment of narconon. They said it. They know what's up. The question is just how separate those organizations are. You know what i mean like. I can't be the only person who found out late night. After a after a series of poorly informed party decisions that pizza hut and taco bell is run by the same organization. You know what i mean. They literally split the building in half the blew. My mind and song about is quite good to So maybe maybe that's what that's one of the big questions like when someone is helping a loved one. Go into a program like narconon. Would they make the same decision if they were aware of. Its connections to the organization known as scientology. Not a dean on either of those organizations. That's just a question of why that message is not front and center on the website because matt it man. You're really good. You like have a news for digging into stuff we all do. So if it took you that long. I feel like there are a lot of people who it you know what i mean. Oh yeah yeah. It was not easy to find that fascinating and there we leave it a thank you so much. thank you. Anonymous former mason A multiple anonymous former. And thank you cliff for writing in a. We can't wait to hear more from you. All i think that we have found We have found rich fodder for several full episodes in the future. Assuming of course that. The big mickey doesn't get us. That's always a possibility or you know as as you said off air map. Big rehab we would love to hear from you specifically you We get a lot of legal of folks who contact us and say you know. I know you always say that. You're talking to me. But i never had a reason to write him before you really have to have a reason. Just the you give us an idea. Share share your experiences And for anyone who is a struggling with substance of one or one sort or another There are multiple resources available to help you. Narcan not only one in the game So so do check it out. Do reach out. You're not alone and you are worth the effort. Yes and specifically you anonymous person who called and left a message about a curse and possibly something that occurred where there was a murder in a trial. You know who you are. I texted you. And i called you. I just i need to get a little more information from you in order to actually talk about it on this show so if you're out there looking your texts so there might be a weird one and respond to a police and if you'd like to respond to us of course we try to be easy to find. You can find us on facebook. You can find us on twitter. You can find us on instagram. We like to recommend. Here's where it gets crazy which has For the second time in a row been confirmed to be the best page on the entirety facebook By us on the show. that's great. Here's where it gets crazy there now. But what if you hate social media you go to youtube because youtube is kind of not social media just getting but youtube dot com slash conspiracy stuff like videos are fun or the internet. Then you can. But i don't know call call phone call right. Yeah just like that person. One eight three three s. Twit that's our number. You'll hear ben. That's how you know you're in the right place. Leave a message and we would love to hear anything and everything and he kind of story and he of idea. Just talk to us please..

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