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I go skyline studio the eve of the eve for a just another handful of seconds here we come back from the news we're going to start one of the first legs of our international travels virtually through the course of the program up to Montreal we're gonna talk with Max the voice Max little bit just a preview right about that your body and what he's going to talk about well Max lavoy and his brother J. P. boy that is correct and their crew have a pretty cool so sent up up there in the Montreal area where they have a I'm not I'm not sure how many retail locations they have but is there dealers for top brands of grills and smokers on all things related to barbecue and sounds like they're doing really good they also have invented this insert for a cattle it's kinda like a smoky easy but it's integrates a pizza oven and a couple other things maybe he can tell us a little more about that so some innovation as well we're to hear about it right after the news it's news time well station I'm David Jennings in the WGN radio news room the news is sponsored by WGN America your forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center overnight cloudy windy steady snow we may get an inch or two in the city dusting to it is to the south of the city two to two and a half inches up near the Wisconsin line the overnight low twenty seven later on today clouds to start things chance of flurries clearing late in the day hi thirty one but it'll stay windy clearing breezy and colder for new year's eve night low about twenty mostly sunny breezy and a little warmer for new year's day your high near forty degrees L. Hefei a river north restaurant a.

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