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And so many people in there are rave to me about this technique and how has helped them on so many things and this is something that I am passing on with love to you because I. Know at at one time or another everybody, we all want something to happen. We all want something good in our lives to occur, and I want to share with you this wonderful technique that has worked for. So many of my my insiders I, call him insiders punctuate insiders and has has helped me personally and I can help you too. So this is called the grant your wish technique and when you're working toward a goal like to sell your house or maybe finalized divorce like I said earlier or attract new love you don't have to wait when you have a sincere. You WanNa find a way to bring that desire to a vast right. So this technique as I said, was share with me and it's been a proven. It's proven to be a very valuable way that I have helped clients and readers and subscribers and My daughter's improve their odds of success. I've gotten so many testimonials about the grant, your wish technique, and if you use it, I'd love to hear from you. So if you use this technique, I'm going to share with you how to do it. If you use it and you find that what you want to happen happens After you've got this setup, then struck me a note I love to hear what you used it for how it worked in when it happened. So let's talk about this Now, this this technique is. Perfect for using for anything that you want to manifest. So what is important to understand is that it's there really super simple instructions but and I'm going to go through step by step. So this is what you're going to need to do your grant, your wish technique you're going to need some some products. The first thing is, is you need a red folder. Now, this can be just something that you get at at at office. Max Or Your local office store and I like to get a really pretty red glossy when I used to actually sell these kids and I tell you they flew off the shelves and but I don't sell them anymore I don't do products any longer but anyhow they I get a really pretty glossy bright red folder and it doesn't it just needs to have pockets on the inside or can just be like a regular file folder so if you don't want to Get Fancy. That's fine. The other thing that you're going to need our two bamboo flutes, they're they're called Chinese flutes and you can get those online Amazon or at your your favorite funkaway plays many of them have these flutes, their actual bamboo, their hollow bamboo flutes, and that's what you're looking for the hollow bamboo flutes. Sometimes, people use them to our to counteract beams or they use them for other other functional applications, but they're not really hard to find A I. think there's a place called functions way Dash Import, dot com they always have them. They're not very expensive but you can find them just about anywhere online. Anywhere that sells punctuate things and then you're going to need a a link of green and black ribbon I like you can use satin grow gain we've been it doesn't matter, but I would get a piece about eighteen to twenty four inches long of black and green. Now, when I say green I mean Kelly Green you know like the the green of of a pretty spring leaf not that chartreuse yellow green, not that deep forest green but a Kelly Green leave color you also want to have. Solid black ribbons so don't get anything with any kind of of print on it. You just want very I always buy a either satin or grow gain Ribbon Kelly Green and black twenty four inches long, and that'll be plenty and what we WANNA do is use this in our at our front door. So we're going to do is if you let's say for instance, she wanted to sell your house you're going to take all of like your listing papers that you have from your realtor maybe you have a sales flyer out the box. You know I sometimes they have sales flyers, and in front of your home when you're trying to sell it, you get one of those and put it inside that red folder. Now now, with the red folder, you're gonNA take the two, the two flutes and you're going wrap them you can tie one end with the two pieces of ribbon, and then you're going to braid them just rap the the ribbon around the two the two flutes, and then tie it until you run out of ribbon and then tied up at the top. So you're GONNA I usually. Will tell them at the bottom and then kind of criss cross those those ribbons across the the two flutes and then time together up at the top and you're gonNA look for a small table. It could be like a little of a bench. It could be any you know anything really just a small table and what you WanNa do is on the small table you're gonNA place it. You can stand at your front door and to the right of your front door GonNa put that little table, and this is where you're gonNA put your red folder. With your house sale papers in or maybe divorce papers or your resume. If you're looking for if you're looking for a new job and then you're gonNA put the, you're going to put the the two flutes on top of the red folder. Now, this has to be at the rock to the right of your front door as you're looking on the inside at your front door like you're ready to go walk outside you can you're looking at your at your door now don't don't distress if you have a wall there or there's no space for. A table you can get a hanging wall pocket or you know a basket or something, put it on the wall next to the door and put your put your your your folder there with your with the flutes and that will work just fine. But what's important is is that it is at the right side of the door and this will make a difference for you. So let's talk about some of the ways that you would use this. So as I mentioned this is a perfect technique to use if you're looking for a job you're in A. Place your resume or CV and there. Maybe you have a job announcement that you. You have that you really are interested about put that in your red folder now I do believe let's. We'll let me let me talk about other ways that you can. You can use it. Let's say you're looking for visa to to go to another country or something put a copy of your passport, your travel papers or applications inside of the red folder. Your divorce isn't coming coming through. You can place your papers for that and and write your wish for what you. Would like to happen and place it that in the red folder. If you're facing legal problems, you can place those papers in the red folder. If you're facing bankruptcy anything that you're you're dealing with like that, you're having problems at any legal documents that you have to put in there. You can those in the red folder and have that on the table with the with your bamboo You maybe you have too many bills to pay and you need a promotion at work right out the promotion, the job promotion, you want what you want to. Have maybe you want to sell your house you would put like I said, all of those house papers in that red folder you can also to attract someone like bring somebody back to you. You can put your love letters inside of them a picture inside of the of that of that loved one who's gone inside your red folder and have that have that place. There are next door you can put a book or Business Proposal a manuscript school papers, college applications anything to go in that folder. Now once you have that folder with your documents then. You'd so important you just put those flutes right on top of it and put that on that table and make sure that it's on the right as you are looking in out you know standing at your front door that's where you wanna put it so just WanNa make sure it's not as you're standing at the front door on your porch looking in your house and on the right it's on the right as you stand for inside your house looking at your front door. It's ahead of you. That's where the table goes on the right. This is something that I have seen work and. Make things happen over and over and over again even if you just have a simple wish, you don't have any papers, maybe you just have a wish for something. This is it's called grant your wish technique and I am I'm here to tell you it is amazing. How often this happens what what you want to do though is you really want to focus your attention. Some people WANNA put Lena four or five or six different things, and my feeling is I'm a big believer in the power of one that means you focus on one thing whatever that one thing is that standing in the way of your happiness. So for me when I first. Learned about funkaway, the thing that I wanted to do was move. So I, wanted that means I had to get that house sold. So I focused solely on that. So that's I want to impress upon you is is the power of one how different can make in your life. You can really focus on the one thing the standing in a way for happiness. So maybe that is getting that divorce or maybe it is a attracting someone new maybe you.

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