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Situation in Beni is already worsening the militant threat is strengthening and with it. The uncontrolled spread that Abdullah. As people flee the violence. And that was our Africa correspondent Alistair lethal with his special reports from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We can actually go to Kinshasa now where the government has ordered that campaigning be suspended in the capital. At least the challenges of just holding elections in such a country are enormous size of western Europe with a crumbling infrastructure and huge swathes of forest. And of course, there is concern about security, let's speak to our correspondent in the capital, Louise, doi- stem Louis just festival tell us about the the suspension of the campaigning in Kinshasa show. A local authorities believe individuals they refer to as radicals have infiltrated political Ponte's, and I'll preparing acts of violence in the capital. The announcement was made just hours ahead of a scheduled meeting for one of the opposition candidates. Martin. Are you hit? His team believes it an attempt to stop him from campaigning. This comes after a week of violence on the campaign trail across the country. There were reports that about ten people were killed fifty reported the injured during clashes between opposition supporters and police at some of these campaign meetings. Witnesses saying security forces were firing live bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. It's not uncommon for tensions to be higher head of elections here. But the level of violence we've seen in this past week is is worrying. So there may well be a response to the suspension of of campaigning. Given the context that you've just outlined. Let's just take a step back a bit and tell us why these elections have been so delayed these elections could Mark this fast democratic transfer of power in this country since independence they were meant to take place two years ago, especially they would delay due to now data electoral register many believed presence. Joseph Kabila who's been in power for seventeen years with try and run again. So there were a lot of demonstrations in the past two years, providing suppressed and finally this summer, president could beat announced that he was gonna dined by the constitution and step down today, despite the security challenges that we've mentioned and concerns around the credibility of these elections, many Congolese people that I speak with in Kinshasa that I've spoken with across the country seem to be saying that despite all the challenges they want to go and very, and they seem to prefer to have some form of election to take that takes now rather than another delay all not all or cancellation of the election people. Yeah. So they king to participate in in voting. But that in and of itself is going to be a challenge as well. Just logistically, isn't it? One of the main stand is the use of electronic voting machines at the electoral commission in the country ordered these electronic voting machines from South Korea. They've never been tested on the scale of this vast country, and some many people worry that they could be used possibly to rig the vote or simply worry about how the how. And if they will they will work some of these missions will be using locations with poor power supply. And so there are a lot of questions really just around the gist of these elections. There was a fire idea this week in the capital that destroyed much as the electoral material needed for the elections in Kinshasa. So there are still a lot of concerns around. Did the election taking place in time on Sunday? Lewis dough asked our correspondent joining us live in the DRC capital Kinshasa the..

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