Thatcher Simon Sir, Russia, Soviet Union discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Watch the thank yeah she somebody that we would like no that's not yeah the lecture Thatcher Simon Sir I don't mind I will work we've looked at least look to get her to come on there and talk to you about it and everything like that but the idea in people that are getting the master plan wait one and a half yeah she she she can speak English you speak you all right super right but where is she now in Russia don't fine all perfect from there and she got their degrees from there they they they they they have a great interest over in the former Soviet Union and Russia they have a great interest in astronomy astrophysics who and all that kind of things making more so than we do here we're taking your phone calls this hour with you some Sundays latest book and working we get the book extreme preparedness should get that an animal barn or you can get up my what super and we've got the websites linked up it coast to coast am dot com very in rock hill South Carolina high bear all right your lord water great program the night and listed yeah I'll tell you what would you go but Israel is a four lane next year you should really consider having you sell well the show you talk to Tom about that I'm sorry I haven't made a little all right all right let over there.

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