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No level dropping 5000 FT by Saturday night in the couple Weather Center meteorologist Kristic Clark. All right, Bellevue, 70 to Tacoma 60 forever. It's 66 with sunshine in downtown Seattle. It's somebody here in the middle of 20 Minutes of nonstop news on coma with Rio six. Three miles of Lake Washington Boulevard in Seattle, reopened to car traffic yesterday after several weeks of exclusively bike and pedestrian use. Now people who enjoyed the closure are fighting to make it a regular event. More from comas. Corwin Headache for 10 Weeks this summer Lake Washington Boulevard was closed two cars in the three mile stretch north of Seward Park. Part of the Seattle Department of Transportation's Keep Moving Pilot program. The closure had many fans. This is a very beautiful and easy to walk part. They have a place to be and not have to worry about, you know, looking over your shoulder for a driver. Now, a petition drive is urging the city to keep the street closed to traffic on weekends, especially during the pandemic. The idea is getting plenty of support on Sderot's Twitter feed, but also some resistance. One tweet asks s dot Why does your primary purpose seemed to be making Seattle traffic? Worse? Stop closing streets. Another begs the city to keep the boulevard open two cars, at least during commuting ours. Korwin Hey HQ CO Moh news. The rebuilding of Highway 99 through Seattle has passed a major milestone co most man the fact reports. You probably didn't even notice it finished filling the Battery Street tunnel, which once carried the highway between Aurora Avenue north and the Alaskan Way, Viaduct. According to the state Department of Transportation's Blawg crews removed the old tunnels, mechanical and electrical systems and filled much of it with recycled concrete. From the demolished viaduct. The final 7 ft was filled with lightweight concrete pumped through ventilation grates along Battery Street crews there still working along Battery Street to build ramps at each intersection, remove and pave over the tunnels, ventilation grates and fan boxes and install new lighting. The battery story Tunnels south portal will also be turned into a slope, then seated with grass, then handed over to the city of Seattle. Manda Factor. Comeau News, the economy. What to do about bowing and getting students back.

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