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The city three ninety three and ninety five look good in New Hampshire rob WBZ's traffic on the three is and now the four day WBZ accu weather forecast brought to you by Toyota of Braintree drizzle this morning give way to steadier rain later this afternoon along with the gusty breeze outside after today of forty seven degrees periods of rain this evening maybe heavy at times along with that threat for heavy rain fall some coastal flooding flood prone areas are possible around high tide this evening otherwise showers diminish for tonight with a little forty two for Sunday breezy mile intervals of clouds and sunshine high forty eight still breezy into Monday but still mild for this time of the year with a high of forty seven then turning cooler for Tuesday with a high of forty one I'm accu weather meteorologist math and newsradio people make the difference the feel of the minute you walk through the door Toyota Braintree makes shopping for your new vehicle aspen is writing it thanks in Toyota Braintree off route three look for the high flying American flag with love in the all new all wheel drive twenty twenty six two people are killed after a building explosion rocks part of north west Houston early yesterday Houston fire chief Samuel penat says it happened at a place called Watson grinding and manufacturing is a two thousand gallon tank troubling that has been secured and so we don't have an active at this moment but we do have some areas that still have a supplier Montreal to contain the the blast damaged nearby buildings and homes authorities say air quality in the area is okay to Columbus Ohio vice officers have been fired to weather suspended for their actions during the arrest of porn star stormy Daniels in twenty eighteen Columbus police department vice officer Steven roster and Whitney Lancaster were fired department of safety documents show they made.

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