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Love that brought the makers is like of the naked cuts obviously when my favorite bubis by loved that seem religious platoon did you see the sign platoon as a walk in theater then he see leslie nielsen priscilla presley just cracking up we should have done that just a bunch of us laughing after walking out of dunkirk sylvia tweeted how about were keen phoenix reactor studio ky not let's get it done so they're going to be honest i i like him he does not have a ton of movies all this is actually a really easy tough five list number five i could put in to die for the gus van sant film nicole kidman but actually i'm going to go off the rails this is near the movie comes going gonna go best performances and i never saw the movie was based on but i'm good faith number five is this appearance on letterman when he was in character for the casey affleck novi which is like one of the greatest performances everbright guest on letterman if you haven't seen it gugel joaquin phoenix on letterman because he was planning type like he was pretending for this casey affleck documentary that he was giving up acting to become a wrapper and he stays in character the entire time and letterman has just befuddled because he's like those guys just a mess it's so funny to watch i'm still here was the name of the documentary which i have not seen but miniature tweet i just i just redick joaquin phoenix's letterman disaster that subject to and after turkey phoenix apologize to letterman because it was just such a bazaar performance and he said i hope the spooked in the fence you but i'm telling you the comedic value of it and it shows the greatness of letterman how well he hailed the fact that what came phoenix was just not there has to leave letterman says well i wish you showed up.

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