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I wish I would have seen the sixty. I liked it. Let's let's stay there for second. So they're they're both super similar were you you're stuck watching the first episode. You're like I don't have anything else to do you're on a plane. Watching Brock Meyer your at your house. Watching the first episode of eastbound and down it takes a little while to get to the genius of the show and who's cooler uncanny powers, those cool. Kenny powers, maybe Brock, mar do, you know, Kenny powers is based around Mitch Mitch Williams of Westland high school, Mitch Williams went Wild Thing. I know he was he was on the show. He was on the podcasts. Okay. But did you know that? So you didn't know that. I did not I forgot he moved. He moved away doesn't take a ton of pride and his his his days in west Westland. But Westland takes a lot of pride in him. Now, did he grow? He's not a. Linear. Then he just happened to be here for a minute. I don't actually know how that works. But I know that he graduated Westland high school, and I believe he did all four years in high school. And I thought that as a kid he came through it. I don't actually know he moved into moved out like cave McNally did. But I do know he moved away. But did you know that Kenny powers is based around thing? I did not. Yeah. I I asked him flat out one time. I said, hey, where you consultant on that this come with a check. And he goes do same as you. He said everyone says that's what the players about was me. And I saw similarities myself, but no, I've never been called at never consultant. And I certainly never got a check. All right. So so I know you talked about some of the stuff on beyond the fight that happened out in Australia, particularly waking up at five thirty in the morning. How much drama around the event Whitaker? Does does something like that Whitaker? Pulling out how much drama does that 'cause everybody. Okay. So tremendous levels of stress, but largely within Dana daynuss circle. I mean, he's got to go to work. And this never came out. I'm not reporting. Some insider knowledge, I'm just making a prediction for you that when this happened Dana likely tried to move is versus Anderson to a main event of five rounds, he likely even went as far as to say, we'll put an intern title out there and just get on with this thing right now, I don't know once told me that I just know the way he operates in his mind operates. But I also know that Anderson Silva would refuse that if you will remember at UFC two hundred they gave Anderson Silva, a fight with the reigning world champion of Daniel Cormie at two hundred and five pounds and Anderson said, man. Do it. You're giving me two days notice I'll get on an airplane. But I will not do five rounds, and they can't be for the championship. And he goes that can't be for the championship and David said to him. But if you win you won't be champion Anderson said if I win everybody will know him the champion and Dana said, no, not really if it's not for the title. We won't do it. And I only offer you that because I think Anderson would push back and be fine to do. So. But I would imagine that there was a major turmoil at the end when all the dust settled everybody was very happy the arena, by example, sat roughly eighteen thousand people the UFC had Wofford a refund. Now, you hear all this business about card subject to change. That's true and less it's the main event, and that depends what jurisdiction you go to some can be subject to change just period. I can tell you where they were in Melbourne. The main event changes everybody's entitled to a refund. Joel I don't think anyone took it. I looked around that arena..

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