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To england and then the british invasion comes to america and this is like circle all won't goes wrong comes around that yes and i love this donnegan and i mean the beatles they all the dow argument about musical you know us appropriation does a song of donnegan as a hit with in 56 coach steubenville now he learned south lead belly record lead belly london offer recorded john lomax deed of of a sharecropper's working in the american south african american sharecroppers working in the american south lomax said that was the most common summer he heard in fields now 100 years before that in in the 1950s that some was being sung in budi houses in new york and one hundred years before that it was being sold as a broadside by did she she lyrics on the streets of london but the actual event that the song originate luke talks about happened in ireland in the uh in the seventh in 50s some appoint is loaded gun against in the child's in the uk nineteen 56 with this who does this song belong to who who has the right to cite leases are song my my sense the everybody's sung it as a right to sing everybody you sanghi tended to add something to finally got to donegani didn't have any point of reference to the actual rice that took place in the kara of coup dare in in in the seventeen 50s but donegal's models irish oh maybe as much claim to as everybody else well we should take a short break here and then we'll tax him or if you're just joining us my guest is billy brad has no place somewhere music for us after we take a break and his latest album as an album of songs about trains it's called shine a light fuel recordings from the great american railroaded test series of duets with joe henry he also has a new book which is about skiffle music and that's the kind of american roots music has translated by british performers in this performers in the mid50s and this is the moves music that helped give birth to the beatles and and van morrison and pete townsend answered the book is called routes radicals and rockers has skiffle changed the world we'll be right back this is fresh air on saturdays wnyc is all about the stories stories about the those rules muir at the.

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