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Let's go to Nick what's up, Nick. Hey, what's going on good? How are you? Good. So a lot of questions you just answered number one with eagles. As far as you know, trying to beat the Redskins to we have had a problem with past couple of years only except one game I mean worthy or the eagles this year. And I don't know like every game. I watch just terrified, you know. It's like there's never one win. You know, we obviously beat two of the best teams in the NFC in the AFC the past two weeks, but. It all depends on another team as well. So I, you know, I think we're all you know, just holding our breath. Nikki does stink. It really is unfortunate that you got to rely on somebody else to do your work for you. You know, we'll be great if we just went into this game. And it was just eagles win. And the eagles are in a really is unfortunate that you need to be so reliant on another team to get you in the playoffs. Exactly. And the other thing too is like, you know, I mean, I trust the Nick foles at the same time. You know, we're we're looking at a bunch of other factors as far as you know, how Carson Wentz skills about his contract. And like, you know, I gotta know nobody knows how he actually feels about you know, foles doing this work when you know, like he's down. And I was listening earlier on my way to work in the morning bartenders. I was listening and everybody talking about how you know. You're and like, you know, you won't wait. I love what I've always loved mean. You only jersey I have right now. Updated is the one. You know, it's it's tough. But you know, at the same time, you got to look it as you know, go bears. The I hear. Yeah. I appreciate COMEX. Thanks. Yeah. It it stinks. That you've got to rely on another team to to do your work for you. And yeah, I think as far as Carson Wentz goes, I do think that there is a there's gotta be a piece of him that just not not hopes the eagles lose or, you know, not malicious in that way. But just there's got to be a piece of them that I think hopes that you know, the eagles win. But maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. If if the Vikings win, and you can move on because you know. This game could very well. Be the final one for Nick foles in niggles uniform. And it was something I wanted to bring up earlier got sidetracked but this game on Sunday. Could be the final game. For a ton of of great eagles. I mean a ton of guys that have done so much for this organization. I mean, Nick foles, obviously, Nick foles if the eagles don't make the playoffs. I think this is probably his last game with the eagles. At least for this thing. Who knows have been a couple of years Nick foles could return again to to be a backup. Who knows? But yeah, I mean, Sundays probably the last time Nick foles will be in an eagles uniform. If they don't make the playoffs. You look at a guy like Jason Peters. Jason peters. I think this could be the if he plays. We'll see. But if this could be Jason Peters last time. Playing as an eagle. A brand Graham who made the biggest play in in eagles history on the defensive side of the ball, brandy Graham. I don't think he's likely to be back next year. He's he he's going to be a free agent. They have not been able to come together on extension despite trying for for over a year. Now. You know, and you know, Brandon Brandon Graham is probably going to be in a situation where he's probably gonna get offer more money to go somewhere else, then he will be to stay here. And. You know, you look at it from where the eagles are with their defensive ends. I mean, Michael Bennett his outplayed Brandon Graham this year. I think they're gonna look to maybe bring Michael Bennett back. You're going to have Derek Burnett returning off of injury, Chris long. Who knows I think Chris long? I wouldn't be surprised you walks away at the end of this year, even though he could still play. But Chris long seems like a guy who's got other interests outside of football might not necessarily want to continue to play. If he does it wouldn't surprise me. If he came back at a low number, obviously doesn't doesn't need the money considering giveaways all salary last year, but Brandon Graham who who has become a very beloved player here, and rightfully so. He, you know, this could be the last time we seem as an eagle, and it would be disappointing. You know that he wouldn't return. But it wouldn't surprise me at all. If that's the case. Yeah. He's going to command a lot of money. I think have because he's had a decent year. He's actually gotten better as the year's gone on. I know we dealt with the foot thing early on and camp, and and and. And you know, it wasn't great early on in the season. But I feel like he's come on more recently. He doesn't put up the numbers like other d ends. But he's going to his age. He's gonna is how we we bought a NADA last year. So it's not like he's Joe banner type Halley, right, right? Where you know, you're thirty. We move on from here. We're going to be a little thin at the end. But I see I see him gone, actually. Yeah. I swear I think they they maybe see a little bit and sweat and put on weight. He's not big enough. Yeah. No. But I just don't think they're gonna come to an agreement with the number. Yeah. I get as much as the top end guys. But he's not going to get it gets a million a year. Probably. Yeah. And it would surprise me. If he if he if he is back in, and you know, Brandon grams a guy who wouldn't interesting career he's had here because he started. He's I what three years every thought he was a huge, boss. Oh, you're taking Earl Thomas, and you know, I was one of those people. Absolutely. I said the other night, I was at the two thousand ten draft when I was there with my friends at Radio City musical, and you know, Donnie Jones came over and interviewed my friend while the eagles were on the clock, and we're all in the background there. Like who were the eagles gonna pick the girl Thomas? Thomas Mann, and then they pick Brandon Graham and we'd booed. Brandy Graham had injury struggles. And he did not produce a ton is first few years, but he really found his way and is become a great eagle obviously made one of the biggest plays in eagles history last year in the Super Bowl strip. And Tom Brady if he doesn't make that play you knows what happens who knows what happens in that. Is so weird. How works like we think he's a bus looks like a bus. And then he makes that play and it's all good and he plays one of the best football. Yeah. That's what made that that. Ron. So like, this is the retention of everybody foles, and he's gone, then he's back, and he does that and Brandon Graham and he's a bus. And he does it. It's just amazing. What is this? Looking back on it. Yeah. And another guy to that could be playing his last game as an eagle we've all come to love Darren sproles mighty mail. It could be, you know, this could be for sproles, even though I will say, and I don't wanna be you know, I know we dealt with the hamstring this year, but I'm kinda getting tantalized by the idea of bringing back chore. Yeah. I mean, he's looked really good the past couple of weeks. I will bring back all the guys that we've talked about. But I don't I don't think I wouldn't say the only guy that I think we'll be back. I wouldn't bring back Peters. I wouldn't bring back at a reduced number. I think they can work out something navy. But I still think he'd get rid of even if he's a deaf guy. I just don't think he can do it. I mean, you got to figure out what you're gonna do it left tackle. That's a big issue for this team because I have been I never thought he was Hughes. Great by any stretch. But I have been so disappointed in big V this year so disappointed because he wasn't great. But last year he was serviceable. Well, he was fine. Like he was not a liability in the in in the playoffs really even in the regular season. He played a WADA games last year. Jesus Peters desert in the seventh game of the year. And that offense of lime is still the best in football. Without Jason Peters. I've been so disappointed big v this year. So. Oh, man. He was terrible in last week going against clowney. But still. Yeah. Especially at left tackle, you wanna have that better solidified. That's why I don't think they're gonna move on. I of all the guys sproles depending on what he wants to do. But Peters, I could see them working at the allow them. Yeah. I think I would like to keep foles. I would like to keep Brandon Graham. But I think they're they're they're both gone. Foles is definitely gone. Yeah. How he's gonna move on from. Yeah. Falls win the Super Bowl. And I don't know what you do. I know they want us to raw then that's going to open up a completely different. How would be unbelievable? Even even if they get to a championship game. And he plays. What we're getting so far. Yeah. Yeah. We they're probably this prize is over and probably a few hours. I think it is. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of agree, but we'll see. And and yeah, but but the point is this could be the last time we see a bunch of guys that we've really come the love as eagle, so hopefully, that's not the case..

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