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It's less time than brushing your teeth, JJ. So a couple key important things because in fitness, how quickly you recover is everything. And cardiovascular fitness. So what you're just showing is your body's learning how to recover quickly. So that's the first thing we know if we're doing less, we'll do it harder, like I was just listening to it goes lane Norton today. Someone today who is talking about if we work out harder take way longer rest breaks and do less sets, we'll get way stronger. So it is all I'm going to read my book. All the less is more. I think lane's been around for a while, honey. He has, but this slope of the curve stuff is happening a lot. But lane's also been like, he kind of swings, he swings with the crowd and gets into a lot of fights online. I've seen that forever. Not that you do that at all. You what? I said, not that you do that at all. You just poke the bear a little bit. You puck the bear a little bit. I'm like, uh oh. Maybe it's nervous system is healthier today. Well, I love this whole reduced exertion hit because I've been really playing around with doing more of what I'm calling now sprint training, I suppose even high intensity interval training. It's like just kill yourself fast. What I'd also loved any other stuff on exercise there because I really definitely want to dig in a little bit on cold therapy and sauna and light. Yeah, let's talk about those two. There's a whole chapter for cardio. There's a chapter for weight and when it comes to weight, the traditional bodybuilding crowd gets really, really mad because I'm a biohacker. Sorry guys, I just didn't want to live in the gym because I have other stuff to do. So if you want to put muscle on really quickly, you don't use weights. If you want to polish the backside of your tricep head and get some sort of thing, there's value to weight training, especially functional based weight training. It just takes a long time. 92% of the population doesn't even exercise as much as the government says, and the government doesn't know anything about health anyway. Well, in the government says a 150 minutes of moderate exercise. Yeah, they don't even know what they're talking about. And we know that intensity is the real trigger in all of this. So we do. So if you're going to use weights, what lane said works, but it turns out you can put muscle on three to 5 times faster using an AI driven resistance platform, or there's a bunch of other technologies. And for each of these goals, I tell you, here's the latest technology, the latest techniques, the latest knowledge. Here's the one that's expensive, what the crazy billionaires do. That's what I put it upgrade labs so you can go to your neighborhood and do it. There's one that's affordable at home, and then there's one that's free. And so the idea is, this is accessible to everyone because even if you're on a really extreme budget, you can do curls with your TV. You can put resistance on things. But doing curls with weight is just less effective than doing curls with resistance bands, for instance, because it changes the slope of the curve that exhausts the muscle more quickly. So there's all chapter going to that. So those are the two exercise things, but let's talk about the other stuff here. Yes, let's talk cold therapy. I've been a fan and you've been a fan for huge amounts of time. I have not been a fan for huge amount of time. Really? Let's be clear. Read my early books. I didn't, but it's like I always joke, there are three things that if these happen to me, don't be around me and they are especially if they happen all together if I'm cold and we've been in this situation together where I'm cold hungry and have to pee, it's like a bad situation. But you know, then I just decided, you know what? I'm going to really focus on this cold and see what happens. We got cold plunge. And, you know, once you're in it 30 seconds, your numb, so it doesn't matter. And then I let myself get out and shiver for 30 minutes or so. I was staying in there too long and I was talking to our buddy Marxist and he's like, JJ, you know, you don't need to shiver for four hours afterwards. I'm like, oh, you're a classical example of a really committed, powerful person. And the more you're like that you're willing to do the work. You're willing to work hard. The more likely you are to fall for the trap of working hard, which is if something is good, more of it must be better. Now, I don't normally do that, and I do too. You're a rockstar. You know, we've been friends for years. You're a total stud. But I was glad to hear I did not need to be in that damn thing for ten minutes. Right, so you were pushing yourself more than you needed to. So even 5 minutes gets you results. I've been doing four lately, so let's talk about why people would want to do this. Again, you know, I know it can start with something as simple as a cold shower to start, but what are the benefits of cold therapy, maybe talk a little bit about beige fat, all of that kind of stuff. Cold therapy does a lot of stuff, and it turns out one of the things that no one talks about until very recently is it's effect on dopamine sensitivity. And dopamine is that happiness and motivation chemical. And when you spend a few minutes in cold, in addition to making your body better at making you warm, better at making energy and heat, it also makes it so that your brain can experience happiness better throughout the day. So if you're someone who's dealing with just anxiety and depression, or even addiction, cold therapy, even social media addiction, cold therapy makes it easier for happiness to happen in the rest of your day. So it is a really powerful three minutes. And if you go to an upgrade labs, we do cry out with liquid nitrogen or really cold air. So that's a three minute thing without getting wet. But if you have a cold plunge at home because you can buy one for about 5 grand. And that was more convenient for you. You can do it. And if you don't have that, you can do a cold shower. And if that's too much or you live in Texas, like I do some of the time, then there's no cold water part of the air because it's really? Well, it's too hot. It's lukewarm. It's not cold enough that comes out of the tap. You go to Canada where I live the other part of the time. And that's cold water. So you get water that's 40°. This is water that's 60° in the top. So here's what you do. And this is in the bug, anyone can do this, and it's free 'cause it's actually a luxury. Okay, I'm gonna drive to 7 11, I'm gonna buy 5 bags of ice, throw them like trunk, drive home, open it up, put them in this tub that I have somewhere, put the water in, it's a huge amount of work. It takes an hour. And it's also expensive. So what you do instead is you take a salad bowl the size of your face, you put water in it, just maybe half full freeze it, and then the next morning, take it out, put tap water on top of it. And now the frozen water will make the rest of the water cold, and you take a deep breath and you don't just your face in. If you do just that, that gives you most of the benefits of the cold shower and the cold plunge. Not all. But most. It's called the dive reflex. How long do we dunk our face in there? Just 5 minutes, it's easy. Yeah. No one can breathe that long. I actually got to the point when I was doing this where I just bought a snorkel because it was easier. But most people, you can do 8 seconds, ten seconds, and you start getting like a mister freezy headache. But wow, after three days, your cells change. If something called cardiolipin in the mitochondrial membrane, but they become more powerful. So you do this on your face, it makes your nervous system stronger. Your vagal nerve gets better and your heart rate variability goes up.

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