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Van with caulk podcast Balka? Hello Hello Hello. This is my co host to beautiful. They get more energetic in the now sorry. I'm so full right now. I felt like I'm dying. I'm tired higher to use a NAP leader okay. Let's go to bed early. Yeah not e- Snack Day yeah. I'm cool with that too. We just hosted Jesse's parents. It's so the past like five days have been full of pasta why I ever tacos which were so good restart Chaka's and free mind here in Seattle. Go there delicious uh-huh Really Tired Jeff just tired extra full fat and happy but e hydrated. Probably it's hot summer. Evil sounds number. Make sure you're drinking Lincoln water if you're out there number one we'll talk about that drink water today. I don't think we should ever not talk about it immediately. Yeah every episode with Hello. This is called the podcast <music>. I'm your host Raven and I'm drinking water as you should also be hydro homeys Hydra Hamis on read it yeah yeah that is a good one. Hydra home is drinking water cut got it all out water and Coffee Coffee Jesse Jesse Raven and we are off the podcast. We are caused a podcast. This is your first episode welcome. Where a podcast Donna Donna if you knew that but we're podcast the talks about fucking want today we're going to be talking about skin and hair routines? That's general like upkeep of your cleanliness. I don't I'll have enough to talk about Jesse so yeah but we had some under question. Okay I actually have beautiful skin and Jesse has beautiful skin happens all the time. Come up to us. They like you guys have such a great look for Rio you verner podcasting. How do you keep it up yeah? You're really the most beautiful people we've ever seen for radio like that. I was thinking of that joker there. Yeah 'cause Jessie trying to become a comedian comedian so if you know what do you mean trying. We're also right now watching comedian driving getting coffee offier which is again these ridiculously stupid name like arising Ted Bundy Film on likes incredibly stupid and really bad man which isn't the name of it. I just cannot remember because it's such a bad name but we're watching that and now Jesse is inspired. Yeah I feel like you gotta cut that part there. It's less inspiring food is funny. We should talk about how funny the show is. Jesse is inspired to want to become all go watch it support court comics that are doing it in the things they deal. That's what our shows about. I don't understand why you're so like triggered right now but anyways we are watching again when should definitely I think because it's getting hot in here and I'm kind of like we haven't gone to announce. Let's go announcements Lavigne's okay so our first announcement and our August I we're releasing new podcast Pascall fucking bitch features myself which is Raven Mulch and Ginny Cubal who was in our game of thrones episode a couple of weeks ago and what we're going to be doing is basically a book a book club a podcast so you can join us you read the book. We're not going to spoil the big parts in the book so you don't necessarily need to run the buck but we're going to be talking about it. We're talking about the author we're getting down and dirty and and Mitch and about books and Bitch about life and just bitch or book and him but we're bitch book on the bitch that comes out August I and the first book we're going to breed as we've always slipped in the castle by Shirley Jackson so you can <hes> read that kind of meet us on August I kind in the same area or same general location. Wherever you listen to podcasts in give it a read and you can follow us you right now by going to twitter instagram and following us at book Embiid Pod so folles there tell her friends read the book Yeah Yeah Bitch with US okay? What are their now since we got our next announcement is starting August Twelfth Izzy new season on Scratch Academy so if you didn't get enough of me playing dungeons and dragons <hes> in the summer months in the fall months I'm going to be applying more dungeons and dragons so that starts August twelfth? My first show is on August thirteenth. I believe at like seven seven thirty P._M.. A._M. Pacific Standard Time so I'll be guys more information about that when that kind of comes up the set aside from that you can follow us on twitter at caught the podcast and twitter instagram facebook live side Club saw cast dot com patriots dot com slash podcast give us money okay so this week's hot cakes actually talking a lot about what has been unannounced at Sandia con now this wall so far so far because we're not gonNA clued any of the marvel marvel stuff will probably talk about that next week must because it hasn't happened in this time line so oh yeah the first thing on our list is something we've talked about a lot on the podcast and that's new witcher series and we got our first trailer any I think it's good I mean like Henry cavill levels the witcher yeah he actually looks really good and all the people that they have playing like I mean Jennifer and Syria dare looking stories when it'd be a little bit more. We had a feeling that it'd be more towards the bucks so yeah I mean I was always going to watch it still going to watch it yeah same same. I think it's GonNa be interesting to watch. I think it'll be very interesting to see how they really kind of portrayed the magic in the world so that it's not really all just like Oh. It's just magic just happens like where does girl get his powers Hauer the like how does Jennifer how's that differ from how Syria gets hers and they have dry ads in the show so I'd be interested to see how they work all that out no definitely yeah. I think I'm interested for sure I mean you know uh we know I'm really bad of people so I don't know but we know who all the people playing like. Some of the characters are and stuff right so we got an idea of like how they're going to act and all righty see people getting really just upset. I'm just not liking it because of some of the way like how they have tryst miracle cast like she's not a ginger big Titi Female Yada Yada. I don't know she is. I don't know her bra size but things like that. I could tell when maybe get people people upset and it just really seems like the cast is a little less known. There are some a couple of people on the cast like Henry Cavill and some of the their characters that are bigger actors and actresses by right. It's really it's going to be interesting to see kind of how the others really Kenan's take on the names of those characters nice going to watch it might get glad we have trailing now. Though so you know we can actually see some stuff going on bothers me. I really liked the way the medallion looked in the game but yeah no. I think the medallion is I saw it sideways like that right or whatever style of a wolf you know. Let's head straight on. I don't know I really liked to. I think it's like you got me. Jesse got me medallion once we finished. It's not like the prop was difficult to get like their hands on right yeah. They could have done the one from the game and that would have. I collided in more with the game think people would have liked that but I mean that's a small thing I liked. The trailer looked really good right and you probably won't even notice like ninety percent of the time yeah yeah yeah. I wonder yeah how well <hes> How signs for girls magic. I wonder how they're gonNA look in the show tale like 'cause you see him doing some of the symbol by. I don't feel like you see really any factual like magic flaky June the game so I wonder how that's GonNa Look Yeah Yeah. I have no idea again. It's not wasn't a very like a productive trailer to be honest with. You know like we see a lot of monsters. I think that's another cool thing like you see on-street. I find that like secondary of my interest to this show like magic in like the idea that he's like out there like the monsters are going to be okay. This is the monster this episode is the monster season. Whatever there'll be tough does Siri Ham for Chris? You know that's the interesting part. Trust is going to not be in character this particular one. I don't know 'cause I haven't read the books to Whoa yes I. I have actually read the the first book I believe it was okay. I didn't love it. I don't love it. Go have read any the books yeah like the first one hand this really like <hes> fairy tale lusk theme so there were some stuff that was very much like a beauty in the beast almost and like stories like that and so I kinda felt it a little hokey but maybe I should give it another tribe. I because I think maybe I just wasn't in the right mind side. I think I had to like rush there. It was the library book and Yeah Yeah Yeah but we'll see we shall see but on top of that we also got swinging shows and stuff frigging morty yeah. I guess what I always exciting. Yeah Fray exactly so ricky morty is returning first season spore four. Thank our yet and yeah we got our I flip in a kind of like twenty. I was just showing Morty and his dad so we didn't get to see any rick in this clip but it was funny and actually the the guy doing the voice of the alien is surely and I'm going to absolutely butcher the name but it's a tape Tak- what T._t.. Who is the director of Thor Ragnarok and three or four which is actually announced? It's this past week to release thor four and they're bringing him back on so he's hilarious to he's so funny because I think he's in a bunch of other stuff as an actor and voices and so yeah and so he's that alien which was really funny interesting good. There's a good clip. It's a good short clip. I mean we can morty. You know everybody likes it but there's nothing that you know. There's nothing that clip could ever show. I think that'd be like okay. Yeah we know the season Egypt says independent yeah and then it Kinda does over our 'cause like with the whole we get the general four past there I think in the end of season three like you get some kind of know where season for his going with a bird person yeah I mean there that was just the thing that was thrown out there right like the robot one yeah but like that but that could come in air could not even like that's the thing about the show right. It's like it doesn't really matter now. I think there's the almost always like an over arching theme to kind of the in like a plot for the entire serey or season by it's not the focus of every episode like that season. The I mean like pickle requisites own thing yeah yeah and that's that's kind of my point whether it's like that like I'm not sure that that Phoenix person is the point of where the show is going to go that could be a random thing but he came out and he's like I'm Phoenix person now. Is that way he says something. I can watch those but yeah no like. It's like it's not that doesn't have to be involved at all. We can never bring him back up ever again and the show would still move on and there will be like an overarching story or whatever but like no no individual story actually tells you that's going to be <hes> so that's kind of my my two cents on that whole thing yeah what else what else did we have this move quickly through these yeah for sure so the next this one is the magic. The gathering animated series had a panel at which we had mentioned that a couple upsets go yeah yeah yeah. We did a couple episodes ago where are basically they're releasing a magic theather animated series on Net flicks. The Russo brothers are going to be directing it of in charge of that and it turns out that they released who like the story is going to be mainly a bow and this from reports looks like it's going to be Jase and Chandra her gray which name characters I think like we were pretty when we talked about it. We were like Jay's obviously yeah yeah..

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