Vice President, New Mexico, Biden discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


It and provide productive treatment incredibly challenging ad that that we also have six percent of our population is native American with twenty three distinct sovereign nations as a couple of days ago. Twenty five percent of our cases positive cove nineteen cases are native American in some of these areas particularly in the Navajo nation. You're in a situation where you've got folks living without access to water electricity. A list creates unique challenges. I do think actually the administration is clear that they need to do more. We're looking at a regional strategy to support the leadership of the Navajo Nation between Utah Arizona. New Mexico we're putting outfield hospitals triage centers and I will tell you that the Pueblo nations in New Mexico have really looked at containment strategies for their community. And we're supporting that right where we have roadblocks. Nobody in nobody out. We're delivering food through the National Guard. And we hope this not only slows. The spread but gives us better support to the individuals living in these remote areas in New Mexico. But it's concerning huge number percentage of the cases number of individuals with say coexisting disorders. That are really problematic with cove Ed. Nineteen like diabetes primarily one question. That doesn't have to do with this. This this pandemic permit me one question if I if I could. Your name has been floated as a potential vice presidential pick for Vice President Biden. Do you want to be the vice president? Do you think you'd be good at it? Well I do this. I think that you WANNA vice president. That was much like Former Vice President Biden. He knew how to govern he had done. A ton of work as a senator and in local government as well and I think that those are incredible attributes. I want to be the governor of New Mexico. I will do whatever it takes to support a Biden administration and I'm looking forward to a federal administration that can do a national strategy in good times and bad times though. God bless you governor and the citizens of New Mexico appreciated Happy Easter to you and thanks for talking to us. Thank you jake. Thanks for having me this morning. President trump is taking questions from reporters nearly every day. But that does not mean. He's answering them. The President Continually Response to urgent questions from the media about the corona virus pandemic by attacking journalists asking the questions no matter how relevant or vital third your race recorder and what you just said is a disgrace always a nasty question from CNN. You just incapable of asking a question in a positive you heard that. Right amid a global pandemic and tens of thousands of infected and dead Americans. The PRESIDENT IS UPSET. That journalists are not asking questions in a positive way and are instead asking him challenging questions questions he clearly does not want to answer questions that he does not want you to think about such as the April six. Hhs Inspector General report that surveyed three hundred twenty three US hospitals that lacked enough testing equipment to say nothing of PPI MASKS ICU. Beds are more asked about by Fox News. Kristen Fisher I.

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