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The choice salvaging one game the three game set coming back to win six to four Matthew forget to start again sun SPARC many Casey this truck first in the second with merry peel number don't mind the sequel singling to make it to nothing boils after two Tigers though would respond in the third held pastoral reporting a single make it free one Casey after three then in the fourth the Ford exploding with three home runs starting with a solo shop Brandon Dixon to make it to the wall Lugo regarded tied at three in the Jordy Mercer capital off fly ball left field this runs deep got a chance saying off the top of a wall. Jordi Sir is the Tigers building. it is a home run of the year the Tigers third and the fourth inning four three. and it would stay that way all the way until the six three one of two men on Willie Castro at the plate the two two. hello Bob why in the love to know it's gonna drop for a base hit in the store comes Lugo grinder right behind him and he will score without a throw. with the infield drawn in tonight. Castro looks one in the last two being run for the Tigers in a six three. oils would get one run back in the bottom the eight to make a six to former that's as close as they were getting that would be your final at the point Portis today going six in a thirty log three runs on ten hits Tigers now remain on the roads had open open up a three game weekend series with the eighties for to get your final from Kauffman stadium in Kansas city Tigers having a four game losing streak salvaging a game against the world in this three game set to come behind a win at six before we come back of the card up to score some around the league this is your home for Ford Tigers baseball David.

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