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Terry in Hilo Hawaii Hey Terry what's up Hey John what's going on anytime I've been thinking and I've been watching and going over old stuff about the news ever since the virus and beyond he Terry all righty Hey Terry yeah yeah Tom here hello hello our all right Tommy guy Tom they have many hello Tom yeah I know I'm not currently we got a whole chunk a latency here on the internet Terry so just doing the RAF and they'll be a pause and then I'll come back and respond to you okay this virus saying I think trump administration then McConnell and all are using this virus to suppress the vote that's why they don't have a lot of tasty stuff and blue states but they have been in the red states so they're using this that's why they're opening up businesses for they can complete their dead that day complete and bring about voting for the Democrats down by killing off the people that's why they're opening up the state and the businesses and stuff like that thank you thank you very much for the call Frank in Detroit Michigan I Frank what's on your mind that I they also brought on you make me proud to be from Michigan man thanks it looks like you sort of a question that you don't have any really worried I I think that you know a lot of us are bringing the how how we're going to prove that a slide into fascism I think we're already there and the task is how to get it back and I don't want to use that route taken our country but but but it is what it is and here in Michigan and you know I have listened to you either over the internet or through cable the vast majority of people that I talk to here in Washington you have no idea what free speech they they are completely clueless with respect to it it's on the first machine is to invest some resources and outreach frankly that I've I've been begging them to do that for over a decade and it's falling on deaf deaf ears but anywho interfere call low but you have to have a receptive audience and it is yeah it's trouble it's almost me a great deal because we don't seem to be nearly as concerned about what's going on with respect to our government and but it as we should be yeah and you know it's not a matter of what western I'm looking for answers to yeah so a A. S. and I just finished writing the hidden history of oligarchy which will be out next fall and you know the premise of the book is basically that we have been an oligarchic we in the on the oligarchy arose in the nineteen eighties in the Reagan administration and basically if you look at the gallons and page for example study out of Northwestern in Princeton make was Columbia University they you know they found that since roughly eighty three eighty four since the mid eighties the will of the people is no longer translated into legislative in the loss it's the will of the top five percent broadly in the top one percent certainly and that's the definition of oligarchy and now what we're watching and I think we've been watching this since nine eleven slowly happening and now it's happening much more rapidly is that all of our key turning in Tierney and that concerns me to tremendously Frank I'm along with thank you thanks for raising a really important issue David in Dallas Texas a David what's on your mind today Hey there Tom so I'm just curious you know unemployment is going sky high and I'm really wondering how do we reach out to all those people out because you know they're gonna be very susceptible to racism isn't done obeah how do you reach out to them how can you find them and try to get them more toward a progressive Pat yeah I think you point out that the last time one of these economic disasters happened on the Republican watcher Herbert Hoover what got us out of that was the democratic president Franklin Roosevelt and he did it with you know massive federal spending large federal programs and we can do that again and you know we can put people back to work and that's that's you know the the green and green new deal maybe too inflammatory or phrase to use of their regular viewers of fox or listen to right wing hate radio but but essentially you know putting together rebuilding our infrastructure rebuilding our schools rebuilding our nation in a way that is not as intensive in its use of carbon I mean as a straightforward stuff and and but the thing that I'm expecting that to your point David is that as more and more people become unemployed in there looking for work employers and right wing politicians are gonna be doing two things number one they're gonna talk they're gonna be talking about the need to drive down wages but they will do this the the way that Republicans are typically done this Reagan did it a lot bites by instead pointing at union workers who are making a good paycheck and saying how dare those people who are you know AT and plumbers or police officers or whatever they want to typically Republicans don't go after cops but now delivers union workers be making a decent wage you're not making a decent wages should be pissed off at them so try to divide us from each other and then they'll go on to say all right by the way now that you're making a little change you're caught you're competing with brown people who are coming from south of the border and with black people who who hello bar willing to work for a last bloody blah you know you know treat the racism card I I've been hearing this kind of racist crap from Republicans literally my whole entire life and I'm expecting you know there has been so much of the media recently but I'm expecting it's going to explode as we get closer to the election because just like George Herbert Walker bush pulled the racism card out of last minute was Willie Horton ads against a caucus you're going to see it but you know back in back in us eighty eight you're going to see the exact same thing happened in my opinion there is an exact same thing happened this fall so yeah I think the thing that we need to do is just point out this is this is an old game David this is a game we know well and you know if you fall for it you're a sucker thank you for the call is a great one Feb in Waukesha Wisconsin listen to B. W. already he teleports up Hey Tom two things first question and I want to just make a call at first my position is that you're kind of talking about a little bit that as long as trump is in power and that includes even if we we take we beat him in November we still have another month for heat and power I hate to say this but nothing's going to change with corona because his administration and the Republican Party are totally incompetent barring a miracle cure that's the only thing is going to save us it's only gonna get worse until we get him out of office and the other thing that I would I would have is a cabin yacht that we talk a lot about Donald Trump this is always something that I think a national narrative for the Democratic Party is whatever we mention charm we need to mention Mitch McConnell in the same breath it's gotta be karma carnal or McConnell crop because McConnell is as much to blame for this as trump because Mitch is the enabler he is the one that I'll never sing McConnell's remarks saying that he's doing yeah no absolutely and and McConnell is the smart when he is that he's the one who's guiding the ship and you know trump is just kind of bumbling along and and lurching from impulse to impulse but yeah I I am actually with the thank you for the call Bob in wheeling Illinois Hey Bob what's up yeah I'll beat you mentioned about an hour ago a bit about the Russian box all over the place which I did you hear in the last election and Russian particularly Putin's influence in getting trump elected and it has resulted in the American carnage that you mentioned just a little bit ago but my question is hopefully locally we will we will I have a better I'll come from the next election and if so do we have in place the systems or methods to nullify lifetime appointments like for the judiciary and things that executive orders that can be reversed the that need to be done executive orders can be yeah executive orders can be easily reversed changes in administrative policies can be reversed.

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