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We get to Daytona. I've got Corey Lajoie, Austin Dillon, Eric Almirola, Ricky Stenhouse. I got all these guys ahead of Martin Truex when by the time I get to Daytona because they are speedway racers. So I think his time was Richmond. I mean, I thought he was going to go up there and just throw it on the table and say, here, I'm ready to play. I'm in the playoffs. And it didn't happen. And I just think it's passed. And sorry. That's all I can say. I've got one last thing for you. They may have more, but so back in May, I sat right here and I said they were going to be 16 winners and they horse laughed me right off this. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. But what's your thought now? We've got 15 two races left is the number 1516 or 17. Well, what you don't know is I was one of those people at home doing the same thing to you that they were doing to you on set. So I've always been one of these goes everybody see our listeners and when we've asked the question on the air. It's like, okay, why do you want more winners than what we have playoff spots for? And the overwhelming response is on those phone lines, chaos. Because it produces chaos. And you know, we live in a world where chaos is obviously embrace. We may get a 16th. I don't think we'll get more. I'm still holding out that, hey, listen, if we get more winners than we got playoff spots, I think that's a compliment to the new race car, the kind of reason we've had this year. I just still don't see it happening. We're close. We're very, very close, I'm just, I'm just not there. I'm not sorry, DJ. I understand. Listen, I'll be on this alum. Yes. And listen, listen, I was on the other island until we went to Michigan and Kevin Harvick won. And I was like, oh my gosh. They'll Jarrett is exactly right. We are there. Well, well, the hang on a minute because in Richmond, when busher was pressuring Harvey for the lead, I actually got ready to send a text to Pete and my producers are like boys, buckle up. Here we go. Yeah. This is what we wanted to happen. But it didn't happen. Four hours of chaos on Monday morning. And even though DJ's on island, that's still Hall of Fame island. Yeah. I have a lot. I'm following him now. Before we let you get out of here, Batman. We've talked a lot of cup, haven't talked Xfinity. Obviously, AJ Alma dinger is always the name we talk about on road courses in the Xfinity series, but ty Gibbs acquitted himself quite well at this track last year. He did, I think honestly you have AJ and then you have ty Gibbs and then you have the whole junior motor sports fleet because I think any one of those junior motor sports cars can win. But I think you got to get through the 16 and that car right there in that 54. That young man is pretty stout. I mean, he's expanding his skill sets by the week. Obviously in his a whole lot better of it for what he's doing for Kurt over in the Cup Series, but that young man is hammered down into a playoff run into a championship run. He will be in the championship for, and I look for him to be a factor on Saturday. No question about that. Yeah. All right. Well, we'll look forward to watching you from the S's radio style USA Network 2 p.m. eastern countdown to green get started Sunday. Mike Bagley, thanks for joining us. Can't wait, see everybody. See you man. Thanks, man. All right, that is the bag man. Again, you can catch him this Sunday 2 p.m. eastern countdown to gain 3 p.m. eastern the race on USA. When we come back, we'll talk a little bit more Watkins Glenn and the international flavor that this track that once hosted formula one has always had.

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