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Oh yeah good for you loyd put the universe where uh i put a which i gotta play hey good you berkeley supporters of terrorism i'm good importers of terrorism in an ad yeah his fate earlier viable on the web good o'brien part of the progressives who been i mean what it is the ability to announce that they were investigating whether those were a crime ah people in terrible but the real enemy is what's your name napolitano jared palmer at homeland security avoid here yeah the same on that tried to cover up islamic terror blocked islamic terror investigations and expanding on that i noticed the san jose mercury news aid and said oh the student group cancelled it in a stunning no it's official they were told it was cancelled by the school so the left won't even admit their cancelling freespeech oncology is that they use live about that when they do it the introvert who they wanted a i heard of that being career to fear the important having favors city of choline it will be very rare right and while o p right here in charleroi diversity in inclusion could have my road what we uh sure will you did was robert hue on their come in this week i have uh the radical their honor oppose milo wherever university of these are there all right now our universities i want to leave dominates of course department kerber when it comes to the political system and the police the police are order to stand to anti fucking come beat you up then they say oh sorry all free speech is banned by anybody who's not a communist armed islamists when my own showed up on i believe that kept on supporters are our delivered cover people who are there uh sure sure.

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